JMeter - Tips And Tricks To Make The Script More Reliable

  • Always use the latest versions of JMeter as those will be having some enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Set Heap size accordingly to the configurations of Load Generator (LG). You can always modify heap size in jmeter.bat (for windows)/ (for Linux).
  • While recording the test flow, add type of URL Pattern to include and exclude in HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder to avoid unwanted requests from being recorded to Test Plan.
  • Use Controllers according to your test scenario to avoid making your script clumsy.
  • Add delay between your test scenarios to make load more realistic on servers by adding Timers.
  • Make use of Config Elements in your test scripts to avoid duplication and re work.
  • Use listeners wisely as they consume a lot of memory of LG which will cause JMeter to freeze.
  • For running huge load tests, it's always recommended to start your test in Non-GUI mode which helps to reduce resource consumption.
  • Use JMeter plugins - plugins for extending JMeter to add additional features
  • JMeter Add-ons - add-ons by third parties like Jenkins, Maven, etc. can be used.
  • JMeter Services - third party service providers which have JMeter installation on cloud such as FrugalTest.

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