" Research by Tricentis found that in 2016, software failures cost the economy USD 1.1 trillion in assets. In total, software failures at 363 companies affected 4.4 billion customers and caused more than 315 1/2 years of lost time. "

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We have worked with founders, technology officers, developers and architects of over 500+ small and medium enterprises on enhancing the security, performance, and functionality of applications when thousands of users access the system at the same time. We also help to render bug-free applications through automated regression tests and reduce the cycle time exponentially.

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Our Mission

Being a trusted advisor in technology testing solutions.

Frugal Testing team

Our Vision

To be globally admired testing consultants delivering highly functional web applications.

Our Goals

Frugal testing team

Quality: Testing by name is to ensure superior quality. We promise the BEST in the industry.

Customer satisfaction: As a B2B business, our primary goal is to please the customer and lengthen the relationship for a long-term engagement.

Risk management: Complete end-to-end testing is the only way to prevent any undesirable events.

Business expansion: We are determined to take our organization to the next level in the US & UK markets.

Trusted by 150+  Companies
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Customer fit

A customer-focused approach that puts your needs first, ensuring quality and service that meets your unique requirements.

Integrated services approach

Reduce process errors & improve test effectiveness.

QA technology

Equipped with the latest and right set of testing tools.

Flexibility & collaboration

 Flexible in terms of process, resource, operations and pricing.

People & culture

Promotes innovation and accountability at all levels.

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From the inception of Frugal Testing, our focus has been clear: to elevate user experiences through uncompromising quality. Our commitment to rigorous testing is a testament to our belief that great software has the potential to transform businesses.

Rupesh Garg

Founder and Principal  Architect

Specializes in: Business Transformation, Performance Testing, and Automation Testing.

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Rupesh Garg
Bharti Garg

We founded Frugal Testing with a vision to elevate industry standards, and that vision resonates through everything we do. We understood that software is more than code - it connects technology with human interactions. Hence, when it comes to product quality, mediocrity has no place.

Bharti Garg

Co-Founder & Chief  Product Officer

Specializes in: Load testing, SaaS & Cloud, and Strategy & Innovation.

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At Frugal Testing, we are proud to showcase our remarkable journey marked by recognition and achievements in the realm of software testing. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has earned us a series of prestigious awards and accolades over the years.

These honours not only reflect our commitment to excellence but also serve as a testament to the unwavering efforts of our talented team.

Bharti Garg

Selected by WE HUB - Women Entrepreneurship Hub (India's first government-led incubator for women startups) as one of the top 10 startups amongst 300 applicants across India - July 2018.

Frugal Testing

Winner of the best pitch award in Asia's largest Startup Festival, 5th Edition of the August fest, 2017

Rupesh Garg

Addressed management fraternity - Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad - August 2018

Bharti Garg

Presented to British high commission - July 2019


At our core, we are more than a software testing firm - a dynamic fusion of passion and expertise.

  • Innovative Problem Solvers: Cracking complex codes, enabling seamless solutions.
  • Quality Assurance Enthusiasts: Blueprinting perfection and excellence.
  • User Experience Architects: Decoding top notch digital journeys. 
  • Marketing Pros: Turning strategies into success stories.
  • HR & Operations Experts: Nurturing talent, fueling growth.
  • Skilled Writers: Words that transcend, communicate, and connect.
  • Creative Designers: Weaving imagination into visual masterpieces.
  • Passionate Testers: Turning programs into perfection, line by line.
frugal testing team
Frugal testing team
Frugal testing team

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