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Functional testing

Functional Testing

Validation and Guidance for Great Performance

Validation and guidance services can help ensure the execution of high-performing apps by reducing anomalies and errors.

Outsourced Functional Testing

Our outsourced functional testing services guarantee product stability before market release. With our team's decades of experience in various fields, including communications and technology, we deliver reliable and efficient functional testing solutions.

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regression testing

Regression Testing

Identify Unexpected Functionality Breaks

A simple regression test can help businesses overcome inconsistencies and understand where unexpected functionality broke.

Reduce Stress and Costs

Shift away from time-consuming manual testing with our regression tests, which efficiently detect potential errors. Empower your team with automation to ensure accuracy, reduce costs, and free up valuable resources for more strategic tasks.

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Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Integration of Discovery, Testing, and Delivery

Integrating discovery, testing, and delivery for targeted automation testing aligned with your business objectives.

Complete Cycle of Automation Testing

Achieving optimal product health demands a thorough automation testing that meticulously detects software glitches and performance bottlenecks. This approach guarantees a seamless user experience and results in significant time savings during the development process.

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API testing

API Testing

Unveiling Seamless User Experiences

Elevate user satisfaction with flawless digital interactions through API testing, ensuring instant responses and seamless experiences.

Fortifying Reliability and Performance

Strengthen your application's trustworthiness through comprehensive API testing. By rigorously evaluating its functionality and performance, you can ensure consistent reliability, even when experiencing high user demand.

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performance testing

Performance Testing

Test Application Behaviour under Virtual Load

Discover the key to optimal software performance with our load testing services, a simple non-functional approach to assess performance.

Quality Assured Pre-Launch

To ensure a successful product launch, it is advisable to conduct thorough pre-launch testing. This proactive approach not only guarantees a seamless user experience but also delivers outstanding results building user trust and satisfaction.

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Security testing

Security Testing

Secure Against Breaches and Loss of Trust

Safeguard your software against potential breaches with our expert VAPT services. Protect your customer's trust and revenue by swiftly addressing any vulnerabilities.

Protect Customer Data and Revenue

Ensuring data integrity by preventing unauthorized usage and adopting robust security methodologies, secure customer data to maintain trust and protect revenue.

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Compatibility testing

Compatibility Testing

Test Functional Stability Across Platforms

We provide compatibility testing for network, browser, software, and hardware stability, focusing on popular end-user platforms.

Certified Engineers for End-to-End Testing

Our certified engineers perform end-to-end compatibility testing, checking the application flow until it reaches a stable state. This ensures smooth operation across various platforms.

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Agile testing

Agile Testing

Test-First Approach with Agile Principles

We follow agile methodologies with a test-first approach. We prioritize testing from the early stages to ensure thorough validation of each feature.

Cost and Time Savings

Our agile testing method saves costs and time by detecting and resolving issues early on, preventing costly rework and delays.

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mobile testing

Mobile Testing

Comprehensive Test Planning

Our agile testing method saves costs and time by detecting and resolving issues early on, preventing costly rework and delays.

Scalable and Secure Test Scenarios

We assist you in building successful mobile test plans that address the concerns of your targeted users. Our aim is to achieve scalable and secure test scenarios to ensure the reliability and efficiency of mobile applications.

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voice testing

Voice Testing

Leading the Voice Revolution

Experience the forefront of the voice revolution with expert testing services that ensure seamless interactions and flawless performance for your voice-enabled devices.

Your Voice, Perfected

Unlock the true potential of your voice-enabled devices as our rigorous testing guarantees perfected voice experiences, tailored to meet the highest standard performance that exceed industry benchmarks.

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ai ml testing

AI/ML Testing

Testing the Boundaries of Intelligent Technology

Explore a cutting-edge AI/ML testing service that advances intelligent technology, providing exceptional precision and reliability to foster innovation.

Ensuring Flawless Performance through Expert Testing

Unleash the full potential of your AI/ML solutions with expert testing that ensures flawless performance, backed by a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to optimizing your technology's capabilities.

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ETL testing

ETL Testing

Effortless Data Integrity

Discover an ETL testing solution for seamless data integrity and reliable data management, enhancing business operations.

Data Accuracy at Its Best

Experience data accuracy at its best with expert ETL testing services, streamlining operations and empowering businesses to make informed decisions with trustworthy data insights.

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IoT Testing

IoT Testing

Seamless Connectivity Testing for the Connected World

Discover unparalleled IoT testing services that ensure seamless connectivity for the connected world, providing confidence in your IoT devices flawless performance.

Unlocking the Potential of IoT with Robust Testing Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your IoT innovations with our robust testing solutions, designed to enhance reliability and efficiency while paving the way for a smarter, connected future.

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dev ops testing

DevOps and Continuous Testing

Efficient Workflows with DevOps

Adopt our DevOps methodologies promoting collaboration and continuous improvement, resulting in faster, more reliable software delivery.

Balancing Culture and Technology

We strive to achieve DevOps goals by combining the right cultural mindset with appropriate technologies. Frugal Testing understands that successful DevOps implementation requires a harmonious blend of culture and technology.

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Here’s why Our Customers  chose us as the best!
Frugal testing client : Monisha Krishna
Commendable “Attention to Detail”

“Our interaction with the Frugal team for Functional Testing has been excellent. The team was quick to understand the project and its requirements and has worked accordingly in a very timely and professional manner with commendable attention to detail.

The bugs identification and categorization has been done very well and in the formats, requested by us. We look forward now to commencing the next module of testing - Security Testing - at the earliest.”

Monisha Krishna
Helped us to  “Fine-Tune our Infrastructure”

"We worked with the Frugal Testing team to plan and execute performance/ load test of our Enterprise SaaS application. FT team has been very professional and planned the test very well.They worked with us to balance the load across multiple screens, multiple roles & multiple geographies to replicate the scenario in production.

The detailed reports provided after the test helped us to understand the performance bottlenecks and even helped us to fine-tune our infrastructure."

Srinivas Manem
Co-Founder, Technical Director
Udbhata Technologies Pvt Ltd
Frugal Testing client Srinivas Manem
Frugal Testing client Jason Stele
Their work “Radiated Excellence”

" It has been an absolute pleasure working with FrugalTesting.com. I engaged them for web application scalability testing. Their work radiated excellence from the initial communication to their final report. Their attention to detail when creating the automated testing scripts to their insightful commentary throughout the engagement – all wonderful.

Their level of communication was also very appreciated. I have utilized other outsourced testing firms in the past and Frugal Testing is by far the best I’ve worked with! They truly do what they say and say what they do! I highly recommend FrugalTesting.com. "

Jason Stele
Edtech Consultant, Product and Engineering Leadership Ambi Inc
“Flexible and Purpose Oriented”

"I have had the opportunity to work with Frugal team to performance benchmark one of our top-line products.

I am particularly impressed with the way the team has approached the system study phase and the way they have been flexible and purpose-oriented though the lifetime of the engagement. Kudos, Frugal team! "

Ramachandra Rao EVBS
Head, Product Development,
Fortuna PIX Pvt Ltd
Ramchandra rao
Rahul adhav
Received "Outstanding Results"

"We have had more than 1.5 years of working partnership with Frugal. The testing services offered by Frugal have helped us support our growth and strengthen our testing skill sets as well. We have engaged them for manual, automation & security testing, and have received outstanding results. Their professionalism and detailed approach toward each project has given us deep insights into our processes and how to improve those. We are happy to have a partner like Frugal, we hope to scale bigger milestones with their support have had the opportunity to work with Frugal team to performance benchmark one of our top-line products. I am particularly impressed with the way the team has approached the system study phase and the way they have been flexible and purpose-oriented though the lifetime of the engagement. Kudos, Frugal team! "

Rahul Adhav
Chief Technology Officer , Safexpay
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Our Certifications

Certified Excellence in Quality and Security Standards

Our certifications reflect a steadfast dedication to delivering dependable and secure software testing services, adhering to recognized global quality standards.

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With 400+ years of collective experience, we understand the unique challenges your software faces in today's competitive market and offer you an exceptional value that will chart your path to excellence.

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Testing Solutions for Every  Industry

Frugal Testing Airline Industry
Elevate passenger satisfaction with our innovative testing solutions, optimizing systems and processes to ensure seamless journeys and elevated travel experiences.
Healthcare industry
Enabling testing solutions that enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve healthcare outcomes.
Surpass customer expectations by identifying and resolving issues, ensuring a smooth and delightful online shopping experience.
Banking sector
Safeguard your reputation and customer trust through our testing services, ensuring robust security, regulatory compliance, and glitch-free transactions.
Fintech industry
Enhance guest experiences for your hotel management systems, customer platforms, and booking apps, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Logistics industry
Optimize your logistics systems, enabling flawless tracking, streamlined operations, and timely deliveries that keep your customers satisfied.
Ed Tech industry
Make your EdTech platforms user-friendly, scalable, and provide empowering learning experiences for students and educators.
 We guarantee reliable, secure, and interoperable IoT devices and networks, improving communication and user experiences.
Enhance guest experiences for your hotel management systems, customer platforms, and booking apps, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Travel Industry
We help you create seamless travel platforms, from flight bookings to hotel reservations, ensuring hassle-free experiences.
Sports and fitness
Sports & Fitness
Maximize your software performance with user-friendly experiences, accurate tracking, and real-time analytics for sports & fitness enthusiasts.
 Engage viewers through seamless streaming, personalized recommendations, and immersive digital experiences.

Quality-driven testing services

At Frugal Testing, we deliver exceptional software testing services, focusing on accuracy and bug-free solutions.

Rigorous QA standards for superior software performance

Custom QA solutions tailored to project specifications

Leading expertise in comprehensive software testing

Commitment to quality with every QA initiative

Dependable results from detailed software test processes

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