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Setup Zone

Choose Timezone

Set your preferred time zone.

Choose Test Execution Pattern

Choose the way your test runs.

Simulate Real Network Conditions

Simulate various network bandwidths.

Generate Requests from Different IPs

More load generators to get more accurate load test.

Load Distribution across Regions

Split user loads across regions.

Multi-Continent Performance Testing

Measure the performance of your application from different geographic regions.

Generate Realistic Load

Simulate thousands of simultaneous users.

Validate And View Response

Save time and avoid wasting load tests by first validating your GET/ POST requests.

Quick Test Setup

Do a quick load test with a set of HTTP/s based GET/ POST requests.

No Servers to Configure

No more server hassle.

No Hardware Setup

No more hassle in setting up load generators; be it single or multiple geo-locations.

No Software Installation

No installation required, just a plain web-browser. Run your tests anytime, from anywhere.

More Advanced Features

Define the ramp-up policy, cache / cookie mechanism or set think-time settings and many more.

Upload Test Data File(s)

Make you performance test more relevant and pragmatic by uploading CSV with test data.

Import Existing JMX

Reuse your existing JMeter scripts.

Insight Pane

Get Report in Email

Get a brief summary of the test report in you inbox once test completes.

Re-order Metric Tiles

Customize your dashboard tiles location.

Auto Refresh

Use this feature if you want to stop real time analytics for some time while the test is running.

Download Test Run Files

Export and Re-Use script files in JMeter.

Get PDF Reports Anytime

Download pdf test reports anytime to get deep-dive analysis on each metrics.

Get Alerts

FrugalTest notifies you of problem areas instantly by raising alerts.

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