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54% of the time, DevOps teams are responsible for observability, monitoring, and security says a renowned software engineering company.


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MSD 365 DevOps


Achieving a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 DevOps implementation is the goal of many organizations seeking to streamline their development and deployment processes. However, several factors can contribute to the failure of MSD 365 DevOps initiatives. The following points out the main reason for failure :

  • Lack of Alignment : Failure often begins with a misalignment between the development and operations teams. When these teams don't work collaboratively or share common goals, it can lead to bottlenecks and deployment issues.
  • Inadequate Planning : Rushing into DevOps without a well-thought-out plan can result in failure. Without clear objectives, timelines, and strategies, the DevOps initiative may struggle to deliver the required outcomes.
  • Resistance to Change : Employees and teams that resist adopting DevOps practices can hinder their success. Resistance to change can manifest as reluctance to automate, making it difficult to follow new processes, or embrace cultural shifts.
  • Tooling Challenges : Selecting the wrong tools or not optimizing existing ones can hinder the DevOps efforts. Tools for automation, continuous integration, and continuous deployment need to be carefully chosen and integrated into the workflow.
  • Lack of Automation : DevOps heavily relies on automation, and failing to automate repetitive tasks can lead to inefficiencies and human errors during deployments.
  • Security Oversights : Neglecting security practices in the DevOps pipeline can lead to vulnerabilities, data breaches, and regulatory compliance issues.

Explore the Upsides of

MSD 365 DevOps

Closing the Gap between Teams :

  • DevOps promotes open and efficient communication between development, operations and other stakeholders.
  • It creates unified workflows, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Teams work together, breaking down the pitfalls that often exist in traditional setups.

Faster Deployment :

  • DevOps enables shorter release cycles, allowing the deployment of updates and features more frequently.
  • Faster identification and resolution of issues results in improved system stability.
  • Automation reduces manual processes, which results in expediting deployment timelines.

Delivering Reliable Customer Experiences :

  • Rigorous testing practices ensure that software is thoroughly checked for defects.
  • By catching issues early, DevOps minimizes the chances of deployment errors.
  • Regular feedback loops lead to constant improvement in quality.

Catalyst for Growth & Expansion :

  • Built-in Security: Security is integrated throughout the development and deployment process.
  • Rapid Security Updates: Timely patching and updates enhance system security.
  • Compliance Confidence: DevOps aids in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Empowering Your Workforce :

  • Smooth workflows tend to happen when performance is optimized, as it enables employees to complete tasks efficiently, reducing operational costs.
  • Enhanced productivity is a guarantee, as an efficient MSD 365 elevates workforce productivity and satisfaction.
  • Informed decisions through performance testing to generate valuable data for data-driven decision-making and also improve resource allocation.

Frugal Testing Service Offerings

Frugal Testing is your dedicated partner for comprehensive testing services within the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365 DevOps. Our specialized expertise revolves around meticulous testing, including test automation, regression testing, performance testing, and security testing.

We ensure the reliability, quality, and security of your D365 solutions, helping you deliver error-free applications to your customers and stakeholders.

How we help you build software that lasts

Ensuring Reliable Software :  

  • Conducting thorough testing processes, including functional, regression, and performance testing, so as to identify and resolve any issues within software.
  • Implementing automated testing tools and frameworks that consistently and efficiently validate software functionality would ensure that it operates without errors.
  • Through feedback loops and continuous testing, the software's quality would be enhanced further, which would address emerging issues and improve overall performance.

Consistent User Experience :

  • User-centric testing portrays simulating real user scenarios to ensure that software offers an intuitive and enjoyable experience, meeting the expectations of end-users.
  • Performance optimization helps in conducting performance testing to identify and rectify bottlenecks, ensuring software responds quickly and smoothly.
  • Bug-free functionality helps in eliminating glitches and bugs to provide users with a seamless and frustration-free journey when using software.

Protecting Software and Data :

  • Employing advanced security testing techniques to identify vulnerabilities, ensures software remains resilient to potential threats.
  • Measures are taken to ensure that the software maintains data integrity and confidentiality in order to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Verification that software complies with industry-specific regulations is present in order to provide peace of mind regarding legal and compliance issues.

Maximizing ROI :

  • Testing services are focused on minimizing resource wastage by addressing issues before they become costly to fix.
  • Rigorous testing reduces post-release issues therefore, it helps in saving expenses related to ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Software that is able to endure issues thrown at it during and after the testing process, displays that the investment continues to pay off as the business scales, maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Building for Tomorrow :

  • Feedback-driven development takes place by actively gathering user input and feedback. 
  • Proactive issue resolution includes early issue detection where quicker fixes and more responsive updates, keeping the software fresh and aligned with user expectations.
  • Being an Innovation center, the valuable insights from testing feedback is used to upgrade innovative features and improvements.

What all we test

Empowering your software to perform at its best

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Cloud-Based Testing
  • IoT Device Testing
  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Ad-Hoc Testing
  • Alpha Testing

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MSD 365 DevOps


Assessment and Planning : Start by understanding what your organization needs and what you want to achieve with MSD 365 DevOps. Taking a good look at the current processes, tools, and setup will help  find what it is that can be improved. 

Team Building and Training : The foundation of a successful DevOps implementation lies in forming cross-functional teams that comprise developers, testers, operations personnel, and stakeholders. Training and skills are required to be enhanced to provide opportunities to equip team members with the necessary expertise. 

Infrastructure Setup : Establishment of an appropriate infrastructure is a priority in the DevOps journey. This phase results in creation of a dedicated development and testing environment that closely replicates the production environment, facilitating realistic testing and validation.

Continuous Integration : Continuous Integration  is a fundamental practice wherein developers commit code changes to a version controlled system. This process ensures that code alterations are tracked, documented, and shared within the team.

Continuous Deployment : In the Continuous Deployment  phase, deployment pipelines are created for different environments, including development, staging, and production. These pipelines automate the deployment process, minimizing manual errors and ensuring consistency and reliability. 

Testing and Quality Assurance : Rigorous testing and quality assurance practices are essential to make it certain that the software meets the desired standards. Functional testing verifies that software features and functions align with specifications, while performance testing evaluates system performance, scalability, and responsiveness.

Monitoring and Feedback : Real-time monitoring plays a pivotal role in tracking system health, performance, and user interactions. Monitoring solutions that provide actionable insights in real-time enable the prompt response to issues. Incident response plans are developed to address disruptions quickly, minimizing downtime and its impact on users.

Continuous Improvement and Iteration :
DevOps is a dynamic practice that thrives on continuous improvement. Regular retrospectives enable teams to reflect on processes, identify areas for enhancement, and acknowledge achievements impartially. These retrospectives cultivate a culture of ongoing improvement and learning. 

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