Synergizing CRM Platforms: Dynamics 365 Infrastructure Testing within Salesforce Ecosystem




MSD 365 Network

Client Overview

A global retail company, known for its expansive e-commerce platform, initiated the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 within its Salesforce environment. The goal was to enhance the efficiency of sales processes, improve customer relationship management and augment data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Problem Statement

  • Integrating MS D365 accurately to effectively manage the company's extensive sales and customer service operations.
  • Ensuring seamless connectivity and data synchronization between MS D365 and the existing Salesforce infrastructure.
  • Developing a comprehensive infrastructure testing strategy to address challenges posed by the integration, focusing on system compatibility, data integrity and workflow efficiency.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of telecom-specific operations to define key areas for Dynamics 365 implementation.
  • Focused on real-life telecom scenarios for testing, such as dynamic traffic routing, emergency broadcast systems and real-time customer service simulations.
  • Implemented a staggered testing regimen, beginning with critical system components and gradually extending to broader operational areas.


The integration testing resulted in an 80% increase in report generation efficiency, enhancing the firm’s financial analysis capabilities.

Client management processes saw a 25% improvement in operational speed, contributing to higher client satisfaction.

Achieved zero downtime during the integration phase, ensuring uninterrupted client services and financial operations.

Completed the rigorous testing and integration cycle in just 6 months, accelerating the firm’s digital transformation journey.

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Implemented a robust infrastructure testing framework to evaluate the efficiency and reliability of the integrated system, with a special emphasis on peak sales periods as well as data security concerns.
Maintained a focus on ensuring uninterrupted service and safeguarding customer information throughout the testing phase.
The project centered on the intricate task of integrating MS D365 with the company’s established Salesforce system.

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