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Performance Testing

Client Overview

A Learning Social Network designed for students first, creating a more engaged, involved, and immersive learning experience for everyone. Their vision is to change how the world learns by engaging today's students together. A student-centric learner engagement platform - acts as a learning community that provides an immersive experience.

Problem Statement

  • The client was worried about the increasing number of entities on the platform and wanted to test it for scalability and performance bottlenecks. 
  • Repetitive requests & requests present - not required by the page.
  • Heavy load time for some JavaScript files and loading again for each page.
  • Images & fonts also take time to load.
  • Ajax calls for notifications, calendars, posts, etc. taking time to load.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Overall more than 20 tests were run. The whole exercise of test executions was broken down into - Browser side rendering and Full Load Tests. 
  • The scope of the engagement was to measure end-to-end response time for the website and also to look at performance optimizations on the server side.
  • After detailed tests at the planning stage, the following 4 test plan was finalized:
    1. Smoke Test
    2. Load Test
    3. Scalability Test
    4. Endurance Test


Helped the client visualize the pain points and strain components.

were able to deliver comprehensive reports of issues to be addressed one by one and fixed.

The comprehensive test coverage we provided, amplified the performance and functionality of the website.

Leading to better user experience and engagement.

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Improved Quality
Helped accelerate Time-To-Market.
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