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Infosys has recorded nearly 40% improvement in defect detection prior to production implementation with infrastructure testing.


Why does

Infrastructure Testing


Infrastructure test failures commonly arise from factors like misconfigurations, outdated hardware or software elements, resource limitations and compatibility challenges. In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, continuous oversight and proactive adjustments are paramount. Neglecting regular checks or overlooking nuances can trigger these failures, underscoring the need for consistent and rigorous infrastructure assessments.

  • Resource Riddles : Bottlenecks arise when there's insufficient memory, CPU or bandwidth. Keeping an eye on resource allocation can prevent tests from underperforming or failing altogether.
  • Compatibility Chaos : With varied numbers of devices and software versions, it is important to ensure all system components work harmoniously. Ignoring this can result in tests that don’t accurately reflect real-world scenarios.
  • Network Nuisances : A stable connection is the backbone of reliable testing. Interruptions, lag, or packet losses can drastically affect test outcomes.
  • Software Slip-ups : Even the best software aren't free from bugs. Regular updates and monitoring are needed to ensure your infrastructure management tools produce accurate results.
  • Grey Area Goals : Clearly defined criteria are the foundation of meaningful tests. Ambiguities can lead to confusion and the misinterpretation of results.
  • Cloudy Conditions : Virtual environments offer flexibility but can also introduce variability. It is necessary to regularly monitor virtual resources to ensure consistency.

Explore the Upsides of

Infrastructure Testing

Unlocking Seamless Interactions :

  • Testing helps in detecting and addressing compatibility issues between hardware and software.
  • A well executed testing ensures that systems communicate effortlessly, boosting overall efficiency.
  • Furthermore, it reduces friction points that users might encounter in a live environment.

 Raising a Strong Defense Line :

  • With testing, the Identification of vulnerabilities get easier, ensuring that infrastructures can withstand security threats.
  • It also encourages proactive fixes before breaches occur, which protects sensitive data.
  • Reinforcement of trust among stakeholders takes place knowing that the system has been tested against potential threats.

Tailoring Peak Performance :

  • Optimization of  resource allocation, ensures that the systems operate at their maximum potential.
  • Testing also highlights performance bottlenecks, allowing for targeted improvements.
  • Therefore, the early detection of issues in upgrades and updates prevents costly post-implementation fixes.

Empowering Decisions with Data :

  • Infrastructure testing provides insights and metrics which can be acted upon.
  • It also facilitates informed decision making based on empirical evidence.
  • Additionally, testing reduces the risks of making infrastructure changes by validating them through tests.

Navigating the Cloud with Confidence :

  • Validation of the reliability and responsiveness of cloud-based components takes place through thorough testing.
  • It also ensures scalability, so as demands grows the infrastructure can also cope.
  • By ensuring data integrity and availability in cloud environments, it allows the user to navigate through the cloud without having any hiccups.

Frugal Testing Service Offerings

At Frugal Testing, we empower businesses with impeccable software testing solutions, ensuring that every digital facet performs seamlessly. Our wide array of services covers the expansive realm of testing. Additionally, we also shine in our expertise with infrastructure testing. Recognizing the foundational significance of stronger infrastructure, we integrate deep in meticulously testing with each component to guarantee stability, security and efficiency.

With Frugal Testing, businesses not only get the assurance of flawless software but also the peace of mind that their infrastructure stands tall and unshakable against any challenges.

How we help you build software that lasts

Strong Foundation :  

  • Through rigorous infrastructural testing, it is certain that the software's underlying architecture is steady and fault-tolerant.
  • By identifying bottlenecks early on, it becomes easier to ensure efficient utilization of resources, leading to optimum performance.
  • The testing methodology places special emphasis on scalability, which ensures that as the user base grows, the infrastructure doesn't falter.

User-Centric Resilience :

  • Infrastructure failures can dramatically impact the user experience. Keeping this in mind, the comprehensive testing suite prioritises users, ensuring minimal service disruptions.
  • By simulating real-world scenarios, it gets simpler to validate that the infrastructural components respond effectively under different user behaviours and loads.
  • Regular infrastructure assessments mean that the system remains aligned with evolving user expectations followed by surety of continued satisfaction.

Guarding Against Threats with Proactive Measures :

  • Security isn't just about code it's deeply connected with infrastructure. As a result, various advanced testing methods are employed to detect vulnerabilities at the infrastructural level.
  • By proactively monitoring and updating infrastructural components, we safeguard against potential threats, ensuring the software remains trustworthy.
  • Regular testing of infrastructure ensures that compliance standards are met which raises confidence in stakeholders and users.

Optimized Performance :

  • Infrastructural testing evaluates system responsiveness so that it ensures the software is running smoothly even under significant loads.
  • Testing experts monitor and test data flow, server response and component interactions to ensure seamless operations and rapid data retrieval.
  • By optimizing the infrastructure, it is guaranteed that not only swift current operations are carried out, but there is also an easy path for future enhancements.

Evolving with the Time :

  • Technology landscapes shift rapidly. Therein the  infrastructural testing ensures software is adaptable to new technologies and platforms.
  • It is made certain that testing for compatibility and interoperability, market software integrations in the future are hassle-free.
  • By regularly updating our testing methodologies, we stay ahead of emerging technologies, making sure that the software remains contemporary.

What all we test

Empowering your software to perform at its best

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Web Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Desktop Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke Testing

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Infrastructure Testing


Initiation and planning : The first step is to initiate the testing process and develop a plan. This includes identifying the scope of the testing, the resources needed and the testing approach.

Test Planning and Preparations : The next step is to develop detailed test plans and prepare the test environment. This includes identifying the specific infrastructure components to be tested, the test cases to be executed and the expected results.

Basic Installation of Foundation : The third step is to install the baseline infrastructure and execute unit tests to verify that the individual components are working as expected.

Operational Test : The following step is to test the infrastructure in its operational environment. This includes testing the performance, scalability and reliability of the infrastructure.

System Test : The other step is to test the infrastructure as a whole. This includes testing the interactions between the different components of the infrastructure and the ability of the infrastructure to meet the requirements of the application.

Acceptance Test : The seventh step is to test the application in its operational environment to verify that it is working as expected.

System Integration Test : The final step is to test the integration of the application with the infrastructure. This includes testing the application's ability to use the infrastructure's services, such as authentication, authorization and logging.

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