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ServiceNow helps to reduce ITSM (IT Service Management) costs up to 60%.


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ServiceNow Testing


Service tests can fail for various reasons, often due to complexities in configurations, data inconsistencies, integration issues with other systems, unexpected code changes, inadequate test coverage, and performance challenges. Identifying and addressing these issues is essential ensuring the reliability and efficiency of service tests.

  • The Configuration Conundrum :  ServiceNow testing requires precise setup, where even a small mistake can disrupt the process. Configuration issues can range from setting errors to compatibility problems, affecting the stability of your ServiceNow service.
  • Data Dilemma : In ServiceNow testing, inconsistent data can be a major problem. Whether it's incomplete or inaccurate data, these issues can steal the spotlight during testing, which causes problems in important processes and workflows.
  • Integration Intrigue :  ServiceNow often connects with other systems or services, and any problems with these connections can lead to test failures.
  • Code Change Catastrophes : Updates and modifications in ServiceNow's code and settings can sometimes take the lead without adequate testing. These changes might introduce new issues or may lead to disruptions in existing functions, making thorough testing crucial to prevent potential problems.
  • Test Coverage Tales : Comprehensive test coverage is vital in ServiceNow testing. Inadequate test coverage can result in missed issues and security gaps, creating holes in your testing strategy and potentially affecting service performance.
  • Performance Puzzles : ServiceNow's performance can be puzzling, especially under heavy loads or unexpected usage patterns, which can cause your performance to diminish.

Explore the Upsides of

ServiceNow Testing

Reliability Renaissance :

  • ServiceNow Testing ensures that your service remains stable and available, reducing downtimes that can disrupt your operations.
  • By identifying and addressing potential issues, ServiceNow Testing minimizes service failures which help you deliver a consistent and reliable experience.
  • With comprehensive testing, your ServiceNow service stays up and running, allowing users to access it whenever they need it.

Performance Presto :

  • ServiceNow Testing optimizes the performance of your service, making it faster and more efficient for users.
  • Users can also enjoy a seamless experience with faster response times and smoother service interactions.
  • ServiceNow Testing minimizes delays, ensuring that users can work without interruptions or lags.

Ensuring Data Security :

  • ServiceNow Testing safeguards sensitive user data, ensuring that it remains secure and confidential.
  • Rigorous testing identifies vulnerabilities and potential security breaches, allowing you to strengthen your ServiceNow service against threats.
  • By prioritizing data security, you build trust with users, assuring them that their information is in safe hands.

Enhancing User Satisfaction :

  • ServiceNow Testing guarantees a smooth and hassle free user experience, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • If there are any issues or glitches that are detected, they would be resolved promptly which minimizes user frustration and dissatisfaction.
  • A consistently reliable and efficient ServiceNow service fosters user loyalty, ensuring they continue to rely on your services.

Cost-Effective Operations :

  • ServiceNow Testing helps identify and address issues early, reducing the cost of fixing problems later in the development cycle.
  • ServiceNow testing contributes to better resource allocation, ensuring that your team's efforts are utilized effectively.
  • Preventing service disruptions through testing minimizes the costs associated with downtime and service outages.

Frugal Testing Service Offerings

Frugal Testing offers a comprehensive range of testing services, and our spotlight shines on ServiceNow Testing. From ensuring reliability and security to optimizing performance, we've got your ServiceNow service covered.

Our expert team specializes in enhancing user satisfaction, minimizing costs, and accelerating deployment, making us your go-to partner for ServiceNow Testing excellence.

How we help you build software that lasts

Your Software, Your Success :  

  • We tailor our approach to your unique software needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals.
  • We're committed to long-term success, constantly refining your software to adapt to evolving demands.
  • Our user-focused approach guarantees software that resonates with your audience, enhancing user satisfaction.

Fortifying Software Reliability :

  • We conduct rigorous testing to eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities, fortifying your software's reliability.
  • Our vigilant monitoring detects and addresses issues before they impact your software's performance.
  • We offer round-the-clock support, ensuring your software remains resilient even during unexpected challenges.

Efficiency, the Frugal Way :

  • We fine-tune your software for peak efficiency, minimizing resource wastage and maximizing output.
  • Our cost-conscious approach helps you achieve more with your budget, ensuring every penny counts.
  • We simplify processes, reducing complexity and increasing operational efficiency.

User-Centric Software Design :

  • We push  to test the software in a manner that it resonates with their needs and preferences.
  • Our intuitive design ensures users can navigate your software effortlessly, promoting user satisfaction.
  • We engage users for feedback, enabling ongoing improvements that keep them engaged.

Comprehensive ServiceNow Test Suites :

  • End-to-End testing covers all aspects of your ServiceNow ecosystem, including modules, customizations, and integrations.
  • Cross platform compatibility ensures a seamless user experience across various devices and browsers.
  • Implementing automation to streamline testing processes and increase efficiency.

What all we test

Empowering your software to perform at its best

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • IoT Testing

We've shown you what we can test, let’s talk about how we can test it for you.

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ServiceNow Testing


Scenarios Identification : Identification of  real-world user behaviors is of importance. This involves tasks like streaming, registering, searching content, and logging in. By analyzing these actions, one can anticipate peak user activity and brace for maximum load periods.

Tool Selection : For effective load testing, the right tool is essential, which makes Apache JMeter stand out as a reliable open-source choice. It's designed for analyzing and measuring the performance of various services, especially web applications.

Test Environment Setup :To achieve accurate results, it's vital to mirror the live setup. This involves replicating servers, databases, and even network configurations, ensuring that the controlled environment can bear the predicted load during tests.

JMeter Test Planning : Starting with JMeter, a new test plan should be created. Within this plan, the thread groups are to be used to emulate different user behaviors. HTTP request samplers should then be used to mimic user actions, detailing endpoints and request parameters.

Listeners & Assertions Addition : During the initial phase prior to testing , we talk a lot about what it's supposed to do and what we want to achieve. This makes sure that the testing efforts match the project's big goals.

Data Parameterization : Dynamic scenarios require flexible data. JMeter aids this with features like the CSV Data Set Config, enabling tests to use different data sets.

Analysis & Optimization : After tests, it's crucial to skim through the results. Based on the findings, the OTT platform or its underlying infrastructure are refined. Making the necessary tweaks, helps run a subsequent test that ensures the changes indeed enhance performance.

Continuous Assessment : For consistent performance, regular testing is indispensable. By creating comprehensive reports and integrating these tests into a CI/CD pipeline, the platform remains prepared for peak loads. Moreover, as traffic increases, considering cloud solutions for scalability would be a smart strategy.

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