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Featured Integrations and Plugins

Check out our new and popular integrations and plugins, that are now available with every test you run on our platform.

With our New Relic integrated platform, we can help you identify the root causes that are bottlenecking your application from reaching its true potential. The service lets you review your functional calls and returns issues that are hindering the performance in terms of Server Statistics, CPU Usage & Top-Five worst performing transactions.

In cohesion with New Relic APM, New Relic Infra lets you see your servers & hosts' health along with the applications and services they depend on. Improve your application's performance under scalable conditions by tracking the most efficient and optimal configuration states.

Worried about the performance and issues in your functional stack? Do not worry, we at Frugal Testing have integrated our platform with Loggly to give the user a glitch-free performance. Now analyze and search within your logs like never before and save time on troubleshooting with increased reliability.

DevOps is never an easy practice but need not worry. With Jenkins as a part of our service, we can help you accelerate the development process through automation and deliver the most stable and fresh build to your end users.

Frugal Testing Chrome Extension.
Want to record websites on the go? Now, with our product available as Google Chrome Extension you can record any website in a few clicks. Just go to Google Chrome Extension Manager to download our extension for Free & start generating scripts.