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The OTT market size is estimated to grow from $171.36 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $1,039.03 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 29.4%.


Why does

OTT Testing


In the relentless pursuit of delivering uninterrupted streaming joy, OTT testing serves as the supervisor of quality. Yet, even with these rigorous quality checks in place, the occasional buffering hiccup or playback stutter can disrupt the viewer's journey. Understanding why these issues persist is the first step toward crafting a truly seamless OTT experience.

  • The Buffering Bandit Strikes! : In the vast landscape of OTT platforms, buffering is the nemesis we often don't see coming. Even with the most sophisticated tools, if bandwidth fluctuations aren't considered, testing can misrepresent the actual user experience.
  • Lost in Device Diversity : The myriad of devices on which OTT platforms operate can be dazzling. Overlooking even one screen size or OS can mean a significant blind spot in testing, leading to unexpected playback issues.
  • Codec Conundrums : Video codecs play an integral role in delivering top-notch streaming quality. Failing to test across multiple codec configurations can spring unwanted surprises in actual scenarios.
  • Ad-venture or Ad-venture Not? : OTT platforms often rely on ads for monetization. If testing doesn't account for dynamic ad insertion or skips, it might not replicate a real-world streaming journey, leading to potential ad playback glitches.
  • Geo-locked and Not Loaded : Geographical content restrictions can sometimes be difficult to be found by the testers. Forgetting about regional locks can result in misleading test results, not reflecting true user experiences across borders.
  • Security Snares and Slip-ups : As OTT platforms juggle sensitive user data and premium content, security tests are paramount. Failing in this domain isn't just a glitch, it's a potential breach waiting to happen.

Explore the Upsides of

OTT Testing

Smooth Streams, Happy Dreams :

  • OTT testing ensures that your content delivery remains uninterrupted and fluid.
  • Nothing spoils a good movie night like continuous  buffering. With OTT testing, buffering takes a backseat.
  • The paramount task is performed which is to ensure viewers receive the highest possible video and audio quality, keeping them immersed in the experience.

Diverse Devices, No Surprises :

  • OTT Testing rigorously checks compatibility across a multitude of devices ensuring that the content delivers a consistent user experience everywhere.
  • Each device gets the best version of your content, tailored for its specifications.
  • As new devices enter the market, OTT testing keeps you a step ahead.

Around the World in Perfect Pixels :

  • OTT when gone through testing with expertise, guarantees crisp and uninterrupted visuals regardless of varying network conditions.
  • Undergoing testing with specialized expertise ensures lightning-fast streaming speeds, guaranteeing viewers won't suffer through buffering.
  • Undergoing testing with specialized expertise ensures lightning-fast streaming speeds, guaranteeing viewers won't suffer through buffering.

Ads that Add, Not Annoy :

  • Dynamic ad testing ensures commercials appear right where they should, without interrupting the narrative.
  • Users see advertisements tailored to their preferences which in turn enhances the engagement.
  • Ensuring glitch-free ad playback helps platforms fully capitalize on revenue opportunities.

It's All About the Experience :

  • OTT testing refines recommendation engines, curating content that resonates with individual users.
  • Streamlined UI/UX testing ensures users spend more time watching and less time searching.
  • When platforms work flawlessly, users engage more, building communities around shared viewing experiences.

Frugal Testing Service Offerings

At Frugal Testing, our service offerings are finely-tuned to the intricacies of the OTT ecosystem. From meticulous platform-specific evaluations ensuring a flawless viewer experience, to expansive tests across web and mobile, we ensure that your streaming content reaches audiences seamlessly.

Couple that with our expertise in diverse device compatibility, geo-restriction checks and dynamic ad integration assessments and what you get is a comprehensive OTT testing suite that's both robust and efficient.

How we help you build software that lasts

Crafting Seamless Streaming Experiences :  

  • Prioritizing user satisfaction, ensures every click and every second spent on your platform is a delight.
  • Uncovering potential glitches before they impact users, will keep your software running smoothly.
  • Our testing evolves with the platform, adapting emerging technologies and user demands.

Navigating the OTT Testing Maze :

  • We develop holistic OTT testing strategies that cover every aspect, from content delivery to security.
  • Ensuring your software works flawlessly across devices, browsers and operating systems is our mission.
  • No matter the geographical location, our testing guarantees your content resonates with viewers worldwide.

Keeping Pace with Growing Audiences :

  • As your user base expands, we ensure your software scales seamlessly, accommodating more viewers without sacrificing performance.
  • We anticipate technology advancements, preparing your software for emerging devices and capabilities.
  • Our testing not only addresses immediate needs but also future-proofs your platform for longevity.

A Buffer-Free World :

  • We optimize content delivery, adapting to variable bandwidth to eliminate buffering woes.
  • Our experts fine-tune codec configurations, ensuring playback on any device is smooth and crystal clear.
  • We excel in Adaptive Bitrate Streaming testing, guaranteeing seamless transitions between quality levels.

Data-Driven Excellence :

  • Our root cause analytics and metrics testing provide actionable data insights, guiding informed decisions for continuous improvement.
  • By understanding user behaviour, we proactively address potential issues, ensuring a consistently excellent experience.
  • User-centric testing allows for feedback integration, bridging the gap between user expectations and software performance.

What all we test

Empowering your software to perform at its best

  • Video Streaming Service
  • Audio Streaming Service
  • Live Streaming Service
  • Content Recommendation Service
  • Web Browsers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Smart TVs and Streaming Devices
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Analytics and Metrics Testing
  • Security and Compliance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing

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OTT Testing


UI testing : This type of testing verifies that the user interface of the OTT platform is well-designed, easy to use and free of errors. It includes testing elements such as the layout, navigation, menus, buttons and text.

Compatibility testing : This type of testing ensures that the OTT platform works correctly on different devices and operating systems. It also includes testing the platform's compatibility with different browsers and codecs.

Performance testing : This type of testing measures the performance of the OTT platform under different workloads and network conditions. It includes testing the platform's response time, throughput and scalability.

User testing : This type of testing involves having real users test the OTT platform to identify any usability issues or bugs.

API testing : This type of testing verifies that the APIs used by the OTT platform are working correctly.

Testing Phase : This type of testing is performed at the end of the development lifecycle to ensure that the OTT platform meets all of the requirements of the business stakeholders.

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