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MSD 365 Integration Testing

Client Overview

A leading enterprise in the SAP industry, specializing in providing advanced SAP solutions and services, embarked on a significant project to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 (MS D365) into their existing SAP environment. This initiative was aimed at enhancing their operational efficiency, improving client relationship management and optimizing their financial operations.

Problem Statement

  • Needed to effectively integrate MS D365 with the client’s existing SAP systems to manage a wide range of business processes.
  • Essential to ensure the interoperability of MS D365 with SAP modules for seamless data flow and process continuity.
  • Required to confirm the reliability, performance and security of the combined MS D365-SAP ecosystem.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Collaborated closely with SAP experts and Dynamics 365 specialists to understand integration complexities and dependencies.
  • Developed a series of test cases and scenarios to evaluate the seamless functioning of integrated processes across MS D365 and SAP platforms.
  • Implemented a progressive testing strategy, continuously adapting and enhancing the system based on consistent evaluations and updates.


Successful integration testing led to a 25% improvement in cross-platform process efficiency, streamlining business operations.

Achieved a 40% reduction in data processing times, ensuring faster decision-making and reporting.

Enhanced system reliability with a 95% success rate in integration test scenarios, providing a robust and secure combined platform.

Completed the integration testing phase within 12 months, setting the stage for a smooth and effective implementation.

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Comprehensive integration testing strategy was executed to validate the functionality and efficiency of the integrated systems under various business scenarios.
Special emphasis was placed on data integrity, system security and performance consistency.
The project involved intricate challenges of melding MS D365 capabilities with the complex SAP environment.

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