Innovative Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a Boutique Travel Firm




MSD365 Automated Testing

Client Overview

A boutique travel firm, renowned for crafting bespoke travel experiences, aimed to upgrade its technology infrastructure by adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365. The goal was to enhance the personalization of travel packages, improve client communication and streamline internal processes.

Problem Statement

  • Customization of MS D365 for travel planning, including integration with unique travel experience providers and luxury accommodation services.
  • Developing a client portal for personalized travel itinerary creation and management.
  • Ensuring high reliability and seamless operation through rigorous automated testing.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Engaged with luxury travel planners and clients to understand their needs and expectations from the MS D365 platform.
  • Developed customized automated test cases to validate the integration of MS D365 with specialized travel service providers and luxury accommodations.
  • Implemented a user-focused testing approach for the client portal, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Automated testing led to the successful integration of over 50 unique travel service providers, enhancing the range of available travel experiences.

Achieved a user satisfaction rate of 90% for the new client portal, with significant improvements in booking experience and itinerary management.

Streamlined internal operation processes, reducing booking management time by 40%.

Successfully completed the full spectrum of automated testing in 5 months, leading to a smooth and efficient system deployment.

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Executed an automated testing strategy to ensure the system could handle complex, tailor-made travel package configurations.
Focused on testing the user experience of the client portal, ensuring ease of use and satisfaction.
Addressed the specific challenges of integrating high-touch, customized travel services with MS D365 system.

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