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D365 Testing

Client Overview

An innovative airline, known for its advanced use of technology, chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 (MS D365) to revolutionize its air traffic management system. The goal was to enhance efficiency in flight scheduling, air traffic control and pilot communication.

Problem Statement

  • Customization of MS D365 to meet specific needs in air traffic management, including integration with existing air traffic control software.
  • Improvement in real-time decision making capabilities for flight scheduling and route optimization.
  • Enhancement of pilot communication systems for better in-flight management and response to changing air traffic conditions.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Collaborative workshops with air traffic management experts to tailor MS D365 for high stakes operational environments.
  • Simulation of complex air traffic scenarios to rigorously test and validate the MS D365 system.
  • Integration of MS D365 with advanced communication tools to ensure seamless pilot-controller interactions.


Enhanced efficiency in air traffic management, reducing flight delays by 30% and optimizing air route usage.

Improved response times to air traffic changes and emergencies, enhancing overall flight safety.

Streamlined pilot-controller communication, leading to a more coordinated approach to flight management.

Successful deployment within 4 months, meeting the critical needs of the airline’s high paced operational environment.

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Development of advanced simulation environments to test MS D365’s performance under various air traffic scenarios, including peak travel times and emergency situations.
Utilization of MS D365 to improve real-time data analysis and decision making in air traffic control.
The project involved adapting MS D365 to a highly specialized and safety-critical aspect of airline operations.

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