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Functional Testing

Client Overview

A global sports and esports news website, founded in 2009. The website has news, features, commentary, and videos on sports like the NFL, association football, WWE, cricket, tennis, and the NBA. Sportskeeda is essentially a network or community of sports lovers that stream games together in games like Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, Valorant, CS: GO, and GTA.

Problem Statement

  • Seamless working of the Web application and Android app as per the functional requirement.
  • All modules are to be integrated as one wholesome project.
  • Testing functional flow and behaviour of different modules on Web and Mobile App. 
  • To ensure a bug-free experience in the application by pointing out bugs after rigorous testing. 
  • Only admins should be able to access a particular dashboard.
  • Admins should be able to add a new tagline, and delete a tagline and view all active taglines
  • The tag clouds on the desktop come in a single line as it comes on mobile.
  • The AMP article tag cloud should also behave the same way as it comes on the web.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Formulated detailed test cases by testing the functionality of the app in several scenarios and modules. 
  • Tested app on every platform and developed a summary dashboard detailing every defect found on different platforms.
  • Recommend showing the date and time in the old format itself and by default should be in IST and should change as per the geo of the users. Example - If any users land on our article for the US we can show the date and time as per ET.
  • This will solve both the issues, showing the correct date and time to users as per their location and also providing a clear date for crawlers so that they will pick the correct time.


The team ascertained that the bugs had been fixed and no further issues were introduced due to these changes.

The client’s modules behaved accurately when integrated with other modules.

The critical functionalities of the system worked well. This was done to identify all the blockers and show stoppers in the flow of the application.

Ensure a bug-free experience for the application by pointing out bugs after rigorous testing.

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500+ test cases were created and executed for all the portals.
Checked the Functionality and Usability of the web application.

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