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Performance Testing

Client Overview

The client, a renowned educational platform run by IIT/IIM professionals. With offices located in India, the USA, and Europe they cater to internationally recognized universities, professional colleges, and companies.

Problem Statement

  • Real-time video of the examinee to be made available to the proctor.
  • Smooth video coverage in 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks without any strenuous load on the application.
  • Different screen resolutions are perfectly adjusted for live streaming. 

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Our team scripted the entire test scenario using 2 different frameworks to manage different protocols. 
  • Parallel load generation for the seamless working of tests both for the examinee and proctor.
  • Successful, free-of-error web socket calls and video streaming were achieved by testing scripts regularly. 


Using the best-suited technology for the issues, the goal of seamless examination was achieved.

All Response Time transactions were within the defined SLA.

Determination of Packets Lost / second and other metrics that pointed towards the poor-quality of data transfer between the server & the examinee.

Identified all poor quality data transfer between the examinee and the server, and fixed the issue early on for unproblematic streaming.

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Increased load testing in batches of 200, 800 & 2000 users to provide quality transition even on low bandwidth network.
No dropped calls due to connection errors.

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