Performance test identifies long upload time in revolutionary app for athletes


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Client Overview

The client is a UK-based company that aims to helping passionate amateur athletes raise their game by providing them with a platform through which they can avail of personal mentoring from the elites of the sport.

Problem Statement

  • Automation testing is required for web applications. 
  • Preparing web applications for various types of interactions with users.
  • Testing 12 different types of merchants and 36 business scenarios. 

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Developed a deep understanding of the features and services offered by the client's website application and worked closely with the client in resolving their doubts by submitting daily status reports and allure reports. 
  • Ensured consistency of features by testing the application multiple times by employing performance automation tools.
  • Configured Selenium Automation Framework with Allure reports and Maven to develop scripts for automating the complete functionality of website applications.
  • Achieved Parallel execution in multiple instances with the Selenium Automation Framework along with producing customized CSV data files for enhanced analysis.


Several bugs and issues were fixed and the client got to know about various functional defects and issues in the application.

Provided automation demo and error screenshots for enhanced understanding and deep-dive analysis.

Automation testing script and Automated performance testing eliminated the need for manual intervention.

Provided insight into real-time user interaction.

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Helped in fixing 5xx response codes during initial iterations
50% increase in concurrent user handling without any performance degradation and response times improved by up to 70%
Response time <1 second for all transactions

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