Optimizing Logistics Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Acceptance Testing




MSD 365 User Acceptance Testing

Client Overview

A global logistics company embarked on integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 to modernize its supply chain and distribution processes. The key objective was to improve operational efficiency and data accuracy across its widespread network.

Problem Statement

  • Implementing MSD 365 modules specifically tailored for logistics operations, including supply chain management and customer relationship management.
  • Ensuring smooth integration with existing logistics databases and tracking systems.
  • Strong emphasis on UAT to confirm system usability and effectiveness in real-world logistics scenarios.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Collaborated with department heads and frontline logistics staff to identify key functionalities and potential challenges in MSD 365.
  • Constructed a UAT environment replicating day-to-day logistics operations, including peak season load and emergency response.
  • Utilized an agile approach in UAT, incorporating feedback iteratively to rapidly improve system performance and user satisfaction.


UAT identified and resolved 150+ specific functional issues, leading to a 20% improvement in process efficiency.

Increased system adoption rate among logistics staff by 60% post-UAT, due to improved system usability and reliability.

UAT process facilitated a 15% reduction in order processing time, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Completed the UAT phase in 6 months, achieving a high degree of system stability and user readiness for full-scale deployment.

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Developed and executed a comprehensive UAT plan, involving scenarios like inventory tracking, order processing and client reporting.
Focused on gathering user feedback from various logistics departments to fine-tune the system for optimal performance.
The challenge was to validate MS D365’s functionality in diverse logistics environments, from warehousing to transport management.

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