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Frugal testing founders
Rupesh Garg

Rupesh Garg

CEO & Chief Architect

Rupesh Garg, the CEO of Frugal Testing, is a figure in the software testing industry, known for his visionary leadership and innovative approach. His journey in the tech world is marked by a profound understanding of technology, coupled with a keen business acumen. Educated at leading institutions, Rupesh has a solid foundation in both technical expertise and strategic management, which he has utilized to steer Frugal Testing to notable heights.

Under Rupesh’s leadership, Frugal Testing has become synonymous with quality and innovation in software testing. The company offers a broad spectrum of services, including automated, performance and security testing, catering to a diverse clientele.

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Bharti Garg

CTO & Co Founder

Bharti Garg, the CTO and Co-founder of Frugal Testing, is a trailblazer in the software testing industry. With her deep-rooted expertise in technology and a forward-thinking mindset, Bharti has been instrumental in steering Frugal Testing towards innovative horizons.

Her technical acumen, combined with a commitment to excellence, has been crucial in developing cutting-edge solutions that have set new benchmarks in quality assurance.

Bharti's leadership not only drives the company's technological advancements but also inspires a culture of continuous innovation and growth.

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Bharti garg
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Major Events Feature

Big Pitch 2017

The Big Pitch was a vibrant stage for innovative ideas, and Frugal Testing truly stood out, clinching the award for the best pitch. Winning the presentation not only showcased the deep expertise in software testing but also the flair for engaging storytelling and persuasive communication.

This  marks a recognition marks a significant milestone, highlighting Frugal Testing’s innovative approach and leadership in the software quality assurance industry.

Nasscom 2016

Frugal Testing's presence at the NASSCOM Product Conclave in Hyderabad was a vibrant opportunity to immerse in the latest tech trends. Valuable knowledge and ideas from industry experts, were further absorbed enhancing the perspective on the evolving software testing industry.
This event was a perfect meld of learning and networking, aligning with Frugal Testing's ongoing quest for innovation and excellence in the tech world.

We Hub Event

At the WE Hub event, in partnership with the British Deputy High Commission, Frugal Testing presented a compelling pitch, marking a momentous occasion in the journey. This event was an opportunity to connect with eminent personalities like Philip Parham and Andrew Fleming, showcasing Frugal Testing’s innovative approach in the software testing realm.

Additionally, the successful presentation at this distinguished platform highlights the ability to captivate and engage a high-profile audience, further enhancing the image of being a well-rounded organization.

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