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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have the potential to deliver a £1.4 trillion boost to the global economy by 2030.


Why does

AR/VR Testing


In the ever-changing landscape of AR/VR, quality checks ensure that our digital adventures feel authentic. Yet, even with detailed testing, glitches can arise in these virtual spaces. Delving into the reasons behind such issues is essential to perfecting our augmented and virtual journeys.

  • Lost In The Virtual World? :  Testing a virtual environment isn't a simple task. Complex pathways and interactions can sometimes lead to unexpected results. Ensuring every possible route and scenario is accounted for is crucial to a glitch-free experience.
  • Ensuring VR Without Imperfections : The promise of VR is immersion. If your users feel more virtually vexed than virtually there, it might be because of latency issues or poorly rendered graphics. Real-time responsiveness is the heartbeat of a stellar VR experience
  • More Than Just A Double Vision :  When augmented doesn't align with reality, your users might be seeing double  or worse, getting misleading information. Precise overlay and accurate real-world data synchronization are paramount.
  • Hardware Hiccups : Not all AR/VR hardware is created equal. If your application isn't tested across a broad spectrum of devices, you might be in for some unexpected surprises. Compatibility is king in the AR/VR realm.
  • Digital Fatigue : Overloading users with too much data, or prolonged exposure without intuitive breaks, can lead to mental exhaustion. Striking a balance between engagement and ease is essential to keep users coming back.
  • When The Virtual  Doesn’t Respond : The beauty of AR/VR lies in its interactivity. If elements don't react as expected, user frustration can spike. Rigorous testing guarantees smooth interactions at every digital touchpoint.

Explore the Upsides of

AR/VR Testing

Compatibility with the user perspective :

  • Testing ensures intuitive design, so users can effortlessly navigate and interact within the AR/VR environment without confusion or frustration.
  • The identification and rectification of potential areas of friction takes place before users stumble upon them.
  • A well-tested AR/VR experience provides avenues for users to share feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

Futureproofing Fantasies :

  • Regular testing ensures AR/VR applications remain compatible with evolving hardware and software.
  • Catching issues early, saves on the potential costs of major fixes down the road.
  • In a constantly changing environment, testing ensures your AR/VR experiences aren't left in the digital dust.

Building Immersive Narratives :

  • Testing ensures the narrative isn't broken by technical hitches, keeping users engaged.
  • Evaluation and enhancement of the emotional impact of your AR/VR scenarios without breaks are ensured by testing.
  • Ensuring a harmonious blend of the real and virtual, enhancing user immersion.

Tech Glitches to Achievements :

  • It helps in conversion of potential user frustrations into smooth, enjoyable interactions.
  • Using the testing feedback allows us to innovate and refine, which helps in creating even more captivating experiences.
  • Identification and amplifying what’s working well helps turn good into great.

Ensuring Elegance :

  • A tested product offers fluid and intuitive interactions, which enhances user satisfaction.
  • Testing ensures that the graphics, overlays, and animations meet the highest standards of visual appeal.
  • Verification of  the soundscapes complementing the visuals takes place which helps in delivering a holistic sensory delight.

Frugal Testing Service Offerings

Frugal Testing delivers specialized AR/VR testing services, tailored for businesses aspiring to enhance their digital presence. Recognizing the important role of AR and VR in modern digital experiences, there is an emphasis on precision, immersion, and user satisfaction.

The expert team at Frugal Testing thoroughly examines every dimension of AR/VR devices , from interface efficiency to sensory alignment, ensuring an unparalleled user experience. Within the vast array of products in AR/VR, Frugal Testing stands as a reliable associate in guaranteeing excellence in AR/VR endeavors.

How we help you build software that lasts

Creating Virtual Realities :  

  • We ensure your AR/VR software truly augments reality, turning pixels into noticeable experiences.
  • Prioritizing user comfort and immersion, we guarantee that every virtual step feels normal.
  • Seamless transitions and stable experiences make your AR/VR solutions a go-to for users, every time.

Journey Mapping :

  • We refine virtual routes, ensuring users never feel lost in the digital expanse.
  • Gauging reactions in real-time, helps us transform taps and gestures into tangible results.
  • We believe in creating every virtual tale that is verified for clarity, making sure users stay engaged from start to finish.

Polished Performance :

  • Every visual detail undergoes rigorous scrutiny, making your AR/VR canvas a masterpiece.
  • Sounds are harmonized with sights, ensuring users are always in tune with their virtual surroundings.
  • Tactile feedback is fine-tuned, making virtual touchpoints resonate with real-world sensations.

Trust in the Tech :

  • We ensure your virtual gateways are fortified against unwelcome intruders.
  • User information remains confidential which builds up the trust in the tangible and the virtual world.
  • Every enhancement is cross-checked, ensuring software evolution without compromising security.

Ready for the Real World :

  • Apart from visuals, focus is also laid on optimizing audio and haptic feedback, to create a systemic sensory immersion for users.
  • Adaptable to emerging tech, we help your AR/VR solutions evolve with the times.
  • Real-world integration is scrutinized, making sure augmented elements align perfectly with reality.

What all we test

Empowering your software to perform at its best

  • Desktop VR Systems
  • Console VR Platforms
  • Mobile VR Devices 
  • Standalone AR Glasses
  • Mobile AR Platforms
  • Functionality Verification
  • User Experience Evaluation
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Security Assessments
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing

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AR/VR Testing


Inception Phase : The inception phase marks the project's initiation, characterized by creative brainstorming and internal discussions to establish project requirements and objectives. These deliberations align test activities with the project's core goals, answering the "what" and "when" questions crucial for success.

Elaboration Phase : In this stage, we prepare for the project by finalizing the team, understanding the project requirements really well, sharing knowledge about the business and application, looking at any previous test cases or processes, and figuring out how much the project might cost.

Construction Phase : This is where we put our plans into action. We carefully watch over the whole testing process, from creating test cases to making them work. This step is super important because it helps us catch any problems with the system.

Implementation Phase : In the last stage, we focus on finding and fixing problems. We also look for ways to make our processes better. We talk to the people who care about the project's success to make sure everything is on track.

Scope and Project Objective Discussion : When the project starts, we talk a lot about what it's supposed to do and what we want to achieve. This makes sure that our testing efforts match the project's big goals.

Testing Process Study and Gap Analysis : During this part, we really dig into how we do testing. We look for places where we can improve and make things work better.

Infrastructure Setup and Tool Identification : Making sure we have the right tools and a good setup for testing is super important. We want to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

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