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MSD 365 Regression Testing

Client Overview

A regional telecom operator, striving to maintain competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market, embarked on integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365. The objective was to modernize customer service channels, optimize network operation workflows and enhance data analytics capabilities.

Problem Statement

  • Challenges in configuring MS D365 to suit specialized telecom services like subscriber management and network analysis.
  • Difficulties in seamlessly integrating MS D365 with existing telecom systems, crucial for real-time monitoring and customer interactions.
  • Need for a comprehensive regression testing plan to prevent disruptions from system updates and modifications.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Analyzed existing telecom workflows to identify areas for Dynamics 365 enhancement, avoiding overlap with current systems.
  • Established a series of practical tests mimicking everyday telecom operations, such as routine network maintenance, emergency response handling and customer account updates.
  • Utilized a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to ensure comprehensive coverage and efficient testing cycles.


Enhanced system reliability with a 95% success rate in critical regression test scenarios, particularly in high-load network conditions.

Improved customer service responsiveness by 30%, with more efficient handling of queries and complaints.

Maintained 100% compliance with data security standards throughout the testing and integration phase.

Completed the regression testing phase in a 9-month timeframe, ensuring timely and secure system upgrades with minimal service interruption.

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Established a rigorous regression testing framework to thoroughly evaluate system performance after each update, with a particular focus on critical peak performance times and data security.
Prioritized maintaining uninterrupted service delivery and ensuring customer data privacy throughout the testing process.
Focused on the complex task of seamlessly merging MS D365 with existing telecom operational technology.

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