Enhancing Logistics Efficiency with DMT Testing for Dynamics 365 Integration




MSD 365 Data Migration Testing

Client Overview

A leading logistics company specializing in global freight and supply chain management undertook the integration of a DMT with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The goal was to upgrade their data infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, accuracy in shipment tracking and inventory management.

Problem Statement

  • The need to effectively migrate vast amounts of logistics data to MSD 365 while ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime.
  • Challenges in syncing real-time logistics operations data, including shipment tracking and inventory management, during the migration.
  • Developing a DMT testing strategy that would validate seamless data migration, operational continuity and system resilience under heavy data loads.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Collaborated with logistics experts and IT specialists to develop a clear data migration pathway, identifying key data sets and potential risks.
  • Implemented a phased DMT testing approach, initially focusing on less critical data sets, then progressively including more critical operational data.
  • Combined automated data validation tools with manual inspections to ensure thorough coverage across various data formats and types.


Attained a 98% data accuracy rate post-migration, critical for reliable logistics operations.

Significantly improved inventory management efficiency by 40%, facilitating better logistics planning and execution.

Maintained operational continuity with minimal downtime, less than 3%, during the data migration phase.

Completed the DMT testing and migration in a 6-month period, setting a new efficiency benchmark for data migration in the logistics industry.

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Initiated a comprehensive DMT testing regimen to validate the migration process and ensure data integrity and system performance.
Emphasis on maintaining the seamless flow of logistics operations during the data migration phase.
Addressed complex data migration needs specific to the logistics industry, dealing with diverse data types and large datasets.

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