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According to report, 72% of companies indicated that their companies allocate between 10 and 49% of their overall QA budget to test automation related expenditures.


Why does

Automation Testing


Automation frameworks can fail if they are not used correctly. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Lack of experience: The people developing and using the framework need to have the necessary experience.

  • Low visibility: The framework needs to provide clear information about what is happening.

  • Non-static test suites: The test suites need to be fixed and not change over time.

  • Bottom-up goal definition: The goals of the framework need to be aligned with the overall objectives of the project.

  • Lack of knowledge about which processes to automate: The right processes need to be automated.

  • Lack of collaboration: Different teams need to work together to develop and maintain the framework.

  • Improper selection of resources: The wrong tools or techniques need to be avoided.

  • Ignoring false positives and negatives in test reports: False positives and negatives need to be addressed.

By following best practices and being mindful of the potential challenges, you can increase your chances of success when using automation frameworks.

Explore the Upsides of

Automation Testing

Accelerated Execution Time

  • Speed up your QA process by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Free up your testing team to focus on critical aspects of software quality assurance.
  • Reduce time-to-market by delivering products to your end users faster.

Maximizing Test Coverage

  • Automates thousands of manual tests to achieve comprehensive test coverage.
  • Improves efficiency and helps you identify potential issues more effectively.
  • Ensures higher software quality and reliability.

24/7 Automated Testing

  • Automated tests can be run 24/7 saving you time and resources.
  • Can detect bugs more quickly, allowing scheduled test execution and timely results.
  • Allows for faster decision-making and software improvements.

Elimination of Human Errors

  • Eliminates human errors by precisely repeating steps.
  • Ensures consistent and accurate execution of test cases.
  • Improved reliability and software quality avoiding costly rework and delays.

Lower Costs

  • Cost efficientcy in the long run, reducing labor costs.
  • Early bug detection and resolution lead to substantial cost reductions.
  • Beneficial for large-scale projects enabling significant savings.

Frugal Testing Service Offerings

Discover the perfect automation framework for your business through Frugal Testing. Our comprehensive automation cycle ensures peak performance and efficiency for your website and product. With our expert test automation engineers, we provide value through service virtualization, integration, portability, and reporting.

Save big with our services, as our clients have achieved over 50% cost reduction in automation script development. By streamlining executions and maintenance, we cut overall project expenses by 70%, allowing you to do more with less. As testing specialists, we automate web applications to minimize effort and maximize accuracy, so you can focus on building your products and improving your core business.

How we help you build software that lasts

The fast track to your quality

  • Specialized in automating test scripts using advanced tools, leading to reduced manual efforts and a shorter time to market.
  • A streamlined approach that saves time and enhances overall efficiency, meeting the highest quality standards.
  • Automated testing can be scaled to meet the needs of any project, regardless of size or complexity.

Hitting 100% test coverage

  • Experience enhanced test coverage through automation testing, enabling the testing of a larger portion of software at a higher frequency.
  • Benefit from automation across various test types, such as regression, GUI, API, and performance testing.
  • Rely on our skilled team with extensive expertise in automation testing, utilizing advanced tools and methodologies to execute your tests accurately.

Round-the-clock testing 24/7/365

  • Seamless testing with 24/7 automated testing services, keeping your software up to par.
  • Benefit from the expertise of utilizing advanced automation tools and frameworks for uninterrupted testing.
  • Rest assured knowing that your software is being tested around the clock by our expert team.

Zero-defect Guarantee 

  • Immerse in a realm of flawless and error-free automation solutions.
  • Discover the cutting-edge frameworks at your disposal, enabling precise test replication.
  • Tap into expertise that guarantees high-quality software products for your end-users.

Get the most out of your budget 

  • With a profound understanding of automation, enables efficient time and cost savings for you.
  • Specialized in providing cost-efficient automation testing, helping you save money without sacrificing quality.
  • With an expert team well-versed in automation testing, get advanced methodologies employed thoroughly to test your software.

What all we test

Empowering your software to perform at its best

  • Manual Testing
  • Testing Automation

  • Testing Outsourcing
  • Testing Consulting

  • QA
  • API Testing
  • IOT Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Functionality
  • Compatibility
  • Usability
  • UI
  • Regression

We've shown you what we can test, let’s talk about how we can test it for you.

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Automation Testing


Our automation methodology and managed testing services can help you save over 50% on your time and cost. We follow proven methodologies to achieve maximum results, and we are experts in using the latest tools and technologies.             

  • CI server: Choose a Continuous Integration (CI) server that best suits the project's needs. Set up the necessary build definitions and configurations to automate the build process whenever new code changes are committed.
  • Generic utility libraries: Develop generic utility libraries that can be reused across multiple test scripts. These libraries can contain common functions, helper methods, and custom assertions to improve code efficiency and maintainability.
  • Repository: Organize the automation codebase within a version-controlled repository. This ensures that all test scripts, libraries, and resources are properly managed and tracked.
  • Implementing test automation components: Develop specific test automation components that will be used in the test scripts. These may include Accelerators for speedier testing, Drivers to interact with various interfaces, Generators to generate test data, Handlers to manage errors and exceptions, and a Library of reusable functions.
  • Test automation scripts: Develop automated test scripts using the open-source or commercial components mentioned in the diagram. These scripts will cover various aspects like file handling, web interactions, mobile testing, data operations, logging, and handling dialogs.
  • Test input data: Define and manage test input data separately to ensure that data-driven testing can be performed efficiently. This includes creating test data sets for different scenarios.
  • Test suites and test cases: Organize test scripts into logical test suites based on functionality or modules. Each test suite should contain multiple test cases representing different test scenarios.
  • Object management: Implement an object management approach to handle dynamic locators and maintain a repository of elements. This enhances test script stability and reduces maintenance efforts.
  • Test automation execution: Utilize the Test Controller to trigger test execution. This can be integrated with the CI server to automatically run tests on code changes. The launch script button allows easy access to initiate test execution manually.
  • Test reporting: Implement a comprehensive reporting mechanism to capture test results. This may include generating detailed test reports, logs, screenshots, and any other relevant data for test analysis.

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