Ceaseless business flow for a Saudi-based SIM card company




Compatibility Testing

Client Overview

A mobile plan is offered, designed to be digital-first and accessible through an app. Customers have the flexibility to personalize, monitor and manage their plan in real-time. This service was created with the collaboration of Saudi youth, emphasizing a human-centered approach in its design and user experience.

Problem Statement

  • Inconsistencies in critical sections like login, language and payment sections lead to an unpleasant user experience.
  • Instability of the web portal and mobile app which the Frugal Testing team gradually overcame. 
  • To detect and remove all the bugs before the commencement of the holiday season.
  • Functional testing was conducted on iOS and Android systems, as well as web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
  • API readiness and if it matches design provided deployment to production.
  • Testing to be done in English and Arabic.
  • iOS certificates + provisioning profile for testing.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Identified and developed an in-depth understanding of the client's application and system architecture. This allowed us to focus efforts on capturing only those processes with the greatest potential for success.
  • Created and implemented manual testing to ensure the seamless working of applications across all platforms. 
  • Meticulous sanity testing was performed before proceeding with further testing. This was necessary due to frequent client-end modifications, resulting in regular testing of the all-new versions.
  • Handled data impact by testing minute-level test cases and scenarios using a wide variety of data.


Comprehensive error analysis, along with detailed reports and documentation, was provided for each tested module.

The critical functionalities of the system performed well, enabling the identification of all blockers and showstoppers in the application's workflow.

Ease of operations without any hindrances or obstacles.

The testing process resulted in enhanced ease of operations without encountering hindrances or obstacles, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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45 + test suites were created by our team.
There were 25 modules for testing.

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