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Wearable Testing

Client Overview

A Medical Health Channel that offers reliable medical consultation services for the public. They provide health monitoring equipment with preset alerts for anytime, anywhere monitoring. The products include wristbands, body scales, blood pressure and glucose monitors for data collection and analysis.

Problem Statement

  • As the application heavily relied on IoT devices for data collection, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the collected data was crucial to the client.
  • Additionally, compatibility issues, data integration challenges and complex device interactions posed significant hurdles for the application. 
  • The client required comprehensive functional testing to ensure the seamless functioning of the application and IoT devices. While also requiring guarantee of a superior user experience along with accurate health data monitoring.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Detailed test scenarios were devised by our team to cover the wide range of possible user interactions and device inputs for 18 modules which includes scenarios from case creation to report generation and survey.
  • Established a robust test environment of 170+ test cases by simulating real-world scenarios using a combination of physical IoT devices and virtual environments. This enabled us to test various device combinations and evaluate their integration with the application.
  • Extensive functional testing was conducted on each module of the application, with predefined input scenarios for each device, validating their accuracy and reliability.
  • Performed compatibility testing to ensure the application functioned smoothly across different operating systems, browsers, and device configurations such as Global Level and Member Level through the Set Scenario value form given by the client.


Our team significantly improved the functionality of the devices and their interactions with the application containing precise alert types for once & multiple times within the duration specified. This includes valuated factors like responsiveness, latency, connectivity and Interoperability.

Through extensive functional testing, the application's functionality was thoroughly validated, ensuring that health consultants and users could rely on accurate and real-time health data of Heart rate, BMI, BP, BGL etc.

Our testing strategy instilled confidence in the reliability and accuracy of the healthcare alerts, boosting Client's reputation and user trust.

The testing also led to enhancement of performance along with compatibility of IoT devices, ensuring smoother interactions and a more satisfying user experience.

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A robust test environment was set up, combining physical IoT devices and virtual environments, allowing for extensive testing of device compatibility and application functionality.
A sturdy test setup was created, blending actual IoT gadgets with virtual scenarios. This allowed for comprehensive checking of how well devices work with each other and how applications perform.

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