An International Bank uses Performance testing to ensure smooth user experience




API Testing

Client Overview

A leading International bank with headquarters in Malaysia created a new mobile browser based application for both Android and iOS that required testing.

Problem Statement

  • The client wanted to analyze the load-bearing capability of their application.
  • They also wanted to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks by load testing the web application while mimicking real-time scenarios as Super Admin and End User. 
  • Required monitoring CPU load, API hits, and transactions from New Relic while the test was running.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Our team developed a deep understanding of the application and its APIs by thoroughly using the product, brainstorming and asking questions on functional flows.
  • JMeter script was recorded according to the agreed upon flow and parameterization. The correlation was carried out to get the value of dynamic tokens in subsequent runs.
  • A distributed load test was set up using 5 AWS machines hosted across 4 different geolocations.
  • The script was randomized such that each user can choose different filters and different data. This was done to cover all scenarios and provide users with unique data and check its compatibility.


Rigorous testing helped verify banking application’s stability and reliability, ensuring continuous service during peak traffic times.

Pinpointed the fundamental causes of problems, leading to improved usability for the client's application.

The banking application could efficiently handle more users, after the testing.

Ensured smooth operation and user satisfaction by improving application performance and reliability.

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Performance testing for 17 functionalities in the web app.
Response times of 3xx, 4xx and 5xx error codes were also recorded.
The API Testing for iOS application.

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