Response Time of Less than 1 Second Achieved for a Fin-Tech Company in Singapore




Performance Testing

Client Overview

A leading Fin-Tech company that provides stocks information to empower people to make smart investments.

Problem Statement

  • Scalability assessment and performance optimization of the web application. 
  • Smooth functioning for a concurrent load of 20,000+ users. 

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • A review of vulnerabilities and recommendations to overcome them was submitted. 
  • Performance benchmarking was done to test IT infrastructure and its ability to handle several transactions without compromising on service. 
  • MySQL database was reviewed at the architecture, query instance, and I/O level to improve performance.


Response time of less than a second helped clients lower costs, save time, and minimise effort.

A simple code change helped the website become 3 times faster.

Implementing auto-scaling at the server level helped in handling peak user load effectively.

The app’s server performance was threads, memory, and connection pool management, Analyzed to identify optimizations.

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Thorough architect review identified 3 failure points which were then reworked to improve system performance.
Infrastructure was successfully examined to identify bottlenecks in CPU, storage, and network.

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