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Web3 Testing

Client Overview

A leading airline company, renowned for its commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology for improved customer experiences. They focus on leveraging Web3 technologies to revolutionize passenger interactions and operations, ensuring heightened security and personalized services.

Problem Statement

  • Requiring comprehensive testing of Web3 technologies across different facets of airline operations.
  • Ensuring secure and accurate handling of customer data using blockchain.
  • Integrating Web3 solutions with current airline reservation and management systems.
  • Developing and testing blockchain-based customer loyalty programs.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Formed a strategic alliance with the airline to delve into the specific challenges of integrating Web3 in the aviation sector.
  • Developed various test cases to simulate scenarios like ticket booking, customer data handling and loyalty program enrollment using blockchain.
  • Utilized advanced tools to efficiently manage and verify large volumes of passenger data characteristic of the airline industry.


Enhanced data security, reducing incidents of data breaches by 30%.

Web3 integration tests achieved a 95% success rate, confirming the reliability and performance of the new systems.

Load and stress testing on the Web3 systems demonstrated a 40% improvement in transaction processing speed and a 30% reduction in resource usage.

Security testing on blockchain implementations led to identifying and mitigating 20 critical vulnerabilities, enhancing overall data protection.

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Tested a unique token-based customer loyalty program.
Utilized smart contracts for testing automated flight delay compensation.
Conducted extensive simulations for robustness testing of Web3 integrations in real-world scenarios.
Led in testing blockchain technology for passenger identity verification.

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