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Client Overview

Sacred Groves is a UK-based platform that enables environmentally conscious individuals and entities to play their part in protecting our planet's natural habitats. Driven by the purpose of protecting natural habitats all around the world, their platform brings together people who care for the environment and wish to protect it.

Problem Statement

  • A better and faster way to validate all the application functionality
  • Required an automated way to cross-verify all the complex logical module
  • Generate reports for each automation test & store and deploy reports.
  • To do smoke testing and regression testing on mobile applications after we fix bugs or release a new building.
  • Validate all Automated test cases verify the failures manually and report them into Jira.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Our team gained a thorough understanding of the mobile application and took an automation approach, presenting the client with a framework that will create the testing flow for both smoke and end-to-end regression testing.
  • We wrote a full regression test script in 7 days to automate the process, starting from login to every module in the mobile app.
  • Provided the client with a concise description of our work and the flow we followed.


Utilized a powerful automation framework for testing, ensuring consistent and accurate execution of test cases.

The framework helped in the identification of bugs that might have been problematic and were rectified for a smooth user experience.

Identified bottlenecks and flaws in the application ahead of its launch, allowing timely resolution.

Swift issue resolution improved application quality, leading to enhanced user experience, customer satisfaction, and increased business opportunities for the client.

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Our approach produced highly accurate results and improved the application's functionality. As a result, the customer's confidence in their product was strengthened.
Customers were happy with the automation framework as we automatically mailed every report to them.
Our team's expertise helped them to avoid all manual testing efforts by creating an automation framework.

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