More Advanced Features

Cache/Cookie mechanism: Add / Clear cookie and cache to your test script, to make each request behave as a new user every time the hit happens to the server.

Redirection mechanism:
Use this to redirect automatically to hit the actual URL.
Keep-Alive: Use this feature to keep a persistent connection for all requests.

Embedded /resources Retrieval: Check / uncheck download of static /resources for each url, to mimic real browser activity by giving parallel download count.

Ramp-up : Set a time period (in seconds) to scale up all the users to the server in a particular time.

Think time: Include a delay (in seconds) after each URL in the performance test which helps to simulate the users actual behaviour (user takes time to think and click before performing certain actions on the page) while using an application more accurately.

Response Threshold: Get alerts on your results analytics dashboard if the response time exceeds the response threshold limit (in seconds) which you set while configuring.