November 30, 2018

At the INK 2018 conference, Rupesh Garg, CEO of Frugal Testing, and Bharti Garg, CTO of the same, had a remarkable opportunity to interact with various inspirational figures.

This event was a confluence of innovative minds, where they met with personalities like Hari Menon and Usha Uthap.

Such interactions provided both Mr Rupesh and Mrs Bharti with valuable insights and perspectives that go beyond their respective fields of technology and business management.

Meeting Hari Menon, known for his significant contributions to the e-commerce and retail sectors, likely offered them a deeper understanding of how digital transformation is reshaping consumer markets.

Similarly, the interaction with Usha Uthap, a renowned artist, would have provided a unique perspective on creativity and the power of personal branding.

These experiences at INK 2018 not only allowed the two leaders to broaden their professional network but also enriched their knowledge and understanding of diverse fields.

This aligns well with their roles at Frugal Testing, where innovation and adapting to rapidly changing technology landscapes are key.

Such events underscore the importance of interdisciplinary learning and networking in driving business and personal growth.