Top 10 Software Testing Companies: Know All Services, Pricing, and More 2024

May 7, 2024
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Did you know that between 40 and 50% of the overall cost of software development goes toward software testing? In this blog, we explore the importance of software testing, its methods, and the role testing businesses play in guaranteeing high-quality software products. This guide contains information for everyone interested in software: professionals in the field or businesses searching for testing services.

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Key Takeaways:

📌 Recognize the significance of software testing and its function in the SDLC (software development lifecycle).

📌 Examine the many methods, approaches, and strategies used in software testing, such as automation, performance, and functional testing.

📌 Find out how software testing companies may help businesses with their experience, scalability, affordability, and access to state-of-the-art equipment.

📌 Learn more about Frugal Testing's software testing services, emphasizing cost and quality.

 What is Software Testing?

Software testing involves assessing a software program or system to ensure it satisfies requirements and operates as intended, an essential stage in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Detecting flaws, mistakes, or differences between anticipated and actual outcomes aims to improve the software's performance, dependability, and quality.

Techniques, approaches, and strategies for software testing

Here are the different types of testing

  1. Functional Testing: It confirms that the program runs as intended and fulfills its intended functions.
  2. Non-functional Testing: Assessing the software's non-functional features, such as security, compatibility, performance, scalability, integrity, and usability.
  3. Manual Testing: It involves having human testers and development teams carry out test cases and scenarios by hand to verify the functioning and behavior of the software.
  4. Automated Testing: While manual testing includes human testing professionals and a dedicated team carrying out test cases manually, automated testing uses scripts or other technologies to automate the execution of test cases. Automating test case execution, increasing productivity, and quickening the testing process using automated testing tools and scripts.
  5. Regression Testing: It is the process of executing previously completed test cases again to ensure that recent code modifications haven't affected functionality or generated new faults.
  6. Integration Testing: It examines how various software modules or components interact with one another to ensure that they are interoperable and integrated.

How Can Software Testing Companies Help You Out?

Software testing businesses provide knowledge, affordability, scalability, and access to cutting-edge tools across the software development lifecycle. They guarantee thorough testing coverage in several areas, including security, performance, usability, and functionality.

Businesses can reduce risks related to flaws and vulnerabilities, expedite time-to-market, and save time by outsourcing testing tasks. Additionally, testing organizations offer unbiased assessment, assisting enterprises in making decisions that will improve the quality and dependability of their software. 

Software testing firms are essential to providing high-caliber software solutions that satisfy user requirements and customer experiences and add value to the business.

Choosing a Testing Company with the Perfect Features

Selecting a software testing firm with the ideal characteristics requires a thorough assessment procedure to ensure it meets your project's needs and quality standards. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you choose wisely:

  • Clearly state what you need regarding software testing needs: This includes the kind of testing (functional, performance, security, etc.), the technological stack, the project schedule, the financial restrictions, and any industry standards or rules that must be adhered to.
  • Investigate Possible Businesses: Seek software testing firms that concentrate on the testing you require.
  • Examine Experience and skill: Determine each software testing company's experience and skill level.
  • Evaluate Testing Methodology and Tools: Find out what the organization uses in testing methodology and tools.
  • Think About market-specific understanding: Give preference to testing providers with appropriate expertise and understanding in the market if your software is related to a particular business (such as healthcare, financial services, or e-commerce).
  • Assess Collaboration and Communication: Successful software testing initiatives depend on effective collaboration and communication.
  • Examine Scalability and Flexibility: Consider the testing company's capacity to grow and adapt to your project's evolving requirements.
  • Examine Budget and Pricing: Get comprehensive pricing quotations from every software testing provider, then contrast them according to services provided, quality control procedures, and overall value.
  • Assess Support and Maintenance: Find out what kind of post-testing support and maintenance the company provides.
  • Ask for References and Do Your Research: Get references from the software testing business and contact previous customers to learn about their experiences.

Importance of Software testing

Software testing guarantees software applications and products' success, dependability, and quality. It lessens the possibility of expensive rework, security breaches, or unfavorable user experiences by assisting in the early identification of flaws, faults, and vulnerabilities throughout the development process. 

Software compliance with industry standards, legal requirements, and defined criteria is ensured through testing. It improves software's usability, security, performance, and quality, increasing user pleasure and confidence. Efficient testing procedures reduce risks, quicken time to market, and maximize resource use. 

Software testing is generally necessary to provide high-caliber software solutions that satisfy user requirements and add value to the business.

Affordable Software Testing company in Hyderabad

Inexpensive software testing agencies like Frugal Testing in Hyderabad provide economical testing solutions without sacrificing excellence. Their modern technologies, simplified methods, and qualified specialists enable them to deliver thorough testing coverage across multiple dimensions, such as functionality, performance, security, and usability. These businesses accommodate a variety of project objectives and budgets by placing a high priority on scalability, flexibility, and client satisfaction.

You can also look for mobile testing, which is a crucial aspect of software development, ensuring that mobile applications function seamlessly across various devices

Businesses can reduce expenses, shorten time-to-market, and reduce risk related to software flaws and vulnerabilities by outsourcing testing tasks to reasonably priced Hyderabadi firms. These enterprises are essential in providing businesses in Hyderabad and beyond with reasonably priced software solutions.

Few Software Testing Companies Which Are Effective for Indian Companies

Frugal Testing

Software Testing Company | QA Testing Services Partner


Frugal Testing is a dynamic and comprehensive software testing and quality assurance company renowned for its wide range of testing services catering to diverse industry needs. With over 400 completed projects and over 350,000 hours dedicated to ensuring the highest testing standards, Frugal Testing has established itself as a reliable partner for over 150 companies worldwide.

They also know how crucial ad-hoc testing is for identifying unforeseen problems. Their expertise spans all spectrums of software testing, making them a versatile and dependable choice for businesses seeking quality assurance solutions. They also specialize in mobile testing.

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👉🏻Service Offering

Frugal Testing offers a variety of testing services, including:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing

Their comprehensive service offering ensures clients receive tailored testing solutions to meet their requirements.


Frugal Testing boasts expertise in various areas of software testing, including but not limited to:

  • Test Planning and Strategy
  • Test Case Design and Execution
  • Defect Management
  • Test Automation Framework Development
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization

Their experienced professionals ensure testing efforts and processes are carried out efficiently and effectively.


Frugal Testing's unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to delivering high-quality testing services at competitive prices. With a focus on affordability without compromising on quality, they offer flexible pricing plans to suit the budgetary constraints of different clients. Additionally, their extensive experience and expertise in software testing enable them to provide reliable and efficient solutions that meet the diverse needs of their clients. They specialize in mobile app testing and offer comprehensive services.


Frugal Testing offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate different testing needs and budgetary requirements.

  • FREE Plan: Starting at $0 per test
  • Basic Plan: Starting at $48 per test
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $123 per test
  • Premium Plan: Custom pricing is available for unlimited tests


Frugal Testing follows a systematic and streamlined testing process to ensure thorough testing coverage and timely delivery of results. Their process includes:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Test Planning and Strategy
  • Test Case Design and Execution
  • Defect Tracking and Management
  • Test Reporting and Documentation

👉🏻Why choose this company

Clients choose Frugal Testing for their affordable pricing plans, comprehensive service offering, extensive expertise in software testing, timely and reliable delivery of results, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Engro Technologies

Engro Technologies (@EngroTech) / X


Engro Technologies is a company focused on digital transformation, specializing in cloud-native solutions, IoT solutions, and custom development. With expertise in these areas, Engro Technologies assists businesses in leveraging digital technologies to enhance their operations and stay competitive in today's digital landscape. One of their areas of expertise is full-cycle testing, which guarantees careful validation and conformity to quality requirements throughout the development process.

👉🏻Service Offering

Engro Technologies offers Digital Transformation Solutions, Cloud-Native Solutions, IoT Solutions, and Custom Development.


Engro Technologies' unique selling proposition lies in its specialized industry expertise in cloud-native solutions, IoT solutions, and custom development.

👉🏻Pricing Range

Engro Technologies offers competitive service pricing, with an hourly rate of less than $25/hr.

Osiltec Infotech

Osiltec Infotech | LinkedIn


Osiltec Infotech is a web development and quality assurance company in Hyderabad, Panjagutta. Specializing in website development and designing services, Osiltec Infotech caters to businesses, products, or service-based companies. They also offer eCommerce website development services. They are known for implementing advanced website design techniques focusing on modern UI and UX and responsive website development to ensure compatibility across various devices. Additionally, they are experts in mobile testing.

👉🏻Service Offering

Osiltec Infotech offers Website Development, Website design, and eCommerce Website Development. Osiltec Infotech offers high-quality software by integrating quality engineering into every phase of the software development lifecycle.

👉🏻 USP

Osiltec Infotech's unique selling proposition lies in its expertise in web development and website designing, particularly focusing on modern UI and UX design principles.

👉🏻Pricing Range

Individuals are encouraged to contact Osiltec Infotech directly for pricing information and development costs.

Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd

Top Selenium Testers for Hiring in 2024 | Goodtal


Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd is a professional company specializing in digital marketing, website designing, graphics designing, web development services, and social media optimization. Serving customers worldwide, Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd is committed to constantly updating its services to meet evolving market needs. With expertise in determining business needs and customer requirements, Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd plans and executes processes to attract, engage, and convert more customers.

👉🏻Service Offering

Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd offers various services, including Digital Marketing, Website Designing, Graphics Designing, and Web Development Services. Localization testing is Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd's area of expertise, guaranteeing that software products are linguistically and culturally appropriate.


Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd's unique selling proposition lies in its dedication to providing professional services in digital marketing, website design, graphics design, web development, and social media optimization.

👉🏻Pricing Range

For pricing information, interested parties are advised to contact Ninth Creations Media Pvt Ltd directly.


ClicQA - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


ClicQA is an independent software company dedicated to providing quality assurance through a comprehensive range of software testing services to clients worldwide. With a focus on functional testing, automation testing, performance testing, and security testing, ClicQA aims to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of software products across various domains and industries.

👉🏻Service Offering

ClicQA offers various software testing services, including Functional, Automation, Performance, and Security Testing. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies, ClicQA is a top supplier of high-quality engineering services, guaranteeing the highest software quality standards in various industries.


ClicQA's unique selling proposition lies in its focus on providing quality assurance services tailored to clients' specific requirements.

👉🏻Pricing Range

ClicQA offers competitive service pricing, with an hourly rate of less than $25/hr.


Syngymaxim Solutions Private Limited Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh Company  Overview


SyngyMAXIM is a global leader in next-generation technologies, consulting, product engineering, and solution offerings. It is among the top software testing services companies in Hyderabad. They specialize in enabling clients to unlock efficiencies by deploying tailored solutions. With a team of experts guiding clients through transformation journeys, SyngyMAXIM empowers businesses to achieve exceptional performance and customer satisfaction. Their solutions feature intuitive user interfaces, and their products offer modular, easy-to-implement solutions suitable for organizations of all sizes and domains.

👉🏻Service Offering

SyngyMAXIM offers a wide range of services, including Next-generation Technologies, Consulting Services, Product Engineering, and Solution Offerings.


SyngyMAXIM's unique selling proposition lies in its ability to deliver tailored solutions that unlock efficiencies for its clients. 

👉🏻Pricing Range

SyngyMAXIM offers competitive service pricing, with an hourly rate of less than $25/hr. 


About us - QualiTlabs - Independent Software Testing Services company -  India | USA | Canada - Quality Labs


QualiTlabs is a rapidly growing pure-play software testing services company dedicated exclusively to software testing and Quality Assurance (SQA) for new-age digital enterprises. With a multi-domain focus, QualiTlabs provides clients with a comprehensive range of value-added outsourced QA solutions worldwide. Leveraging deep technology expertise, business acumen, and industry-specific understanding, QualiTlabs delivers tailored solutions aligned with client's business contexts.

👉🏻Service Offering

QualiTlabs offers a broad spectrum of services, including Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile App Testing, and Security Testing.


QualiTlabs'  selling proposition lies in its exclusive focus on software testing and Quality Assurance.

👉🏻Pricing Range

QualiTlabs offers competitive service pricing, with an hourly rate ranging from $50 to $99/hr. 

Extended Web AppTech LLP

Web and Mobile App Development Company in Hyderabad - Extended Web AppTech


Extended Web AppTech LLP is a leading technology company with a staff of more than 250 engineers, designers, and product experts. They specialize in various technologies and solution areas, including blockchain, gaming, mobile applications, IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence. Extended Web AppTech has a track record of producing consumer and digital goods that are widely used and have a profound impact on the lives of billions of people.

👉🏻Service Offering

Extended Web AppTech LLP offers a comprehensive range of services, including Blockchain Development, Gaming Solutions, DevOps testing, Mobile App Development, IoT Solutions, Cloud Services, and Artificial Intelligence Solutions. With thorough testing procedures, dedicated testing teams, and specialized knowledge, they excel at blockchain testing, guaranteeing the stability and dependability of blockchain-based solutions.


Extended Web AppTech LLP's unique selling proposition lies in its extensive team of engineers, designers, and product experts, covering a wide range of technologies and solution areas.

👉🏻 Pricing Range

Extended Web AppTech LLP offers competitive pricing for their services, with an hourly rate ranging from $25 to $49/hr.

iPrism Technologies

iPrism Technologies awarded as Top Mobile App Developer in India! –  iprismtech Blog


iPrism Technologies is a US-based Web and Mobile Apps Design Company with a development center in India. Specializing in advanced mobile app development and web services, they offer website design, website development, software development, and mobile application development. With a dedicated team of web and mobile app designers and developers with years of industry experience, iPrism Technologies collaborates with clients to achieve their business goals, whether generating more leads, increasing sales, or enhancing the overall look and feel of their company website. 

👉🏻Service Offering

iPrism Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services, including compatibility testing, Website Design, DevOps testing, Website Development, Software Development, and Mobile App Development.


iPrism Technologies' unique selling proposition lies in its combination of US-based expertise with an offshore development center in India.

👉🏻Pricing Range

iPrism Technologies offers competitive service pricing, with an hourly rate of less than $25/hr.


Software Testing Company In India | QA Company | W3Softech

👉🏻 About

W3Softech is an Independent Software Quality Assurance (QA) services company established in 2011. With a presence in New York, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, W3Softech specializes in providing end-to-end QA services. They boast a team of over 100 qualified and dedicated QA professionals with expertise in various industry verticals and testing tools. W3Softech is committed to enhancing customer quality by deploying best practices, methodologies, and tools. They provide comprehensive services to businesses, offering tailored solutions to address their unique needs

👉🏻 Service Offering

W3Softech offers a comprehensive range of QA services, including Functional Testing, Automation Testing, compatibility testing, and non-functional testing services. 

👉🏻 USP

One of W3Softech's key differentiators is its emphasis on deploying the best practices, methodologies, and tools to enhance customer quality. 

👉🏻 Pricing Range

W3Softech offers competitive pricing for its QA services, ranging from $100 to $149 per hour. 

Learn more about banking software testing service company

A software development company offering banking software testing services focuses on solutions and services specially designed for financial and banking institutions. These businesses provide thorough testing coverage for various banking software products, such as payment gateways, mobile banking apps, online banking platforms, core systems for financial services, and financial analytics tools.

Functional testing, security testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, regression testing, integration testing, mobile banking testing, usability testing, and compliance testing are some of the main services banking software testing service providers provide.

Software testing service providers are essential in assisting banks and other financial institutions in providing safe, dependable, and efficient software solutions that satisfy regulatory standards, safeguard client information, and improve user experience.

Explore more services and software testing companies

Many software testing firms in Hyderabad provide a broad range of services to meet the demands of diverse industries. Several well-known software testing firms in Hyderabad consist of:

  • Infosys: Information Systems Infosys, a pioneer in global technology consulting and exceptional services, provides full-service software testing.
  • Tech Mahindra: Offering cutting-edge solutions to customers globally, Tech Mahindra specializes in software testing and quality assurance.
  • Cognizant: By providing end-to-end testing services, Cognizant assists companies in meeting their quality objectives and raising client satisfaction.
  • Capgemini: Well-known for its technological know-how and advisory services, Capgemini offers reliable software testing solutions to clients in various industries.

These enterprises, along with many others in Hyderabad, are essential to guaranteeing the caliber, dependability, and security of software programs used by companies across the globe.

Constantly Facing Software Glitches and Unexpected Downtime?

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See more of Frugal Testing's software testing services

Frugal Testing is a software testing firm that offers affordable testing solutions to clients in various sectors, as we have already explained. They offer Functional Testing, which aids in confirming that software operates in accordance with predetermined specifications, guaranteeing its dependability and usability. They also assist in optimizing the efficiency of software by assessing its responsiveness, scalability, and performance under various load scenarios.

They are an invaluable partner for companies looking for dependable software testing solutions because of their experience and emphasis on efficiency.

People Also Ask

📍Which website works best for testing software?

Platforms like Frugal Testing are well-liked options, and it all depends on the particular demands and specifications of the software being tested.

📍What are the key differences between onshore vs. offshore software testing companies?

While offshore software testing firms are situated in a separate nation and may offer lower rates but more communication difficulties, onshore software testing companies operate in the same country as the client, allowing for closer collaboration but potentially higher expenses.

📍What steps do software testing companies take to ensure a full range of tests?

To guarantee thorough test coverage, software testing firms use a combination of human and automated testing approaches at different levels (unit, integration, system, and acceptance).

📍What fresh developments in software testing might we expect in 2024?

Software testing could see developments in AI-driven testing, a rise in the use of DevSecOps techniques, and the incorporation of blockchain technology for test data management by 2024.

📍What are the benefits of outsourcing software testing in India?

India is a cost-effective destination for software testing outsourcing since it has access to a vast talent pool and domain expertise.

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