A leading portable water supply company achieves zero runtime defects using Functional testing




Regression Testing

Client Overview

The client has operated in the U.A.E since 1984, with the motto to strive to put their consumers first.They were the first company to introduce 5-gallon bottles in the UAE, with a production capacity of 300 bottles per hour.

Problem Statement

  • Required to check whether the function is working according to the requirement specification
  • Needed to check whether a user can navigate freely without any difficulty through screens.
  • Was necessary to check the error condition,  whether the error message is displayed.
  • Required to verify the system's ability to recover from points of failure during testing.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • The Requirement Specification document is defined and approved.
  • Determined the functionality of the product that needs testing. This includes testing the main functionalities, error conditions and messages, as well as usability testing to assess whether the product is user-friendly or not.
  •  Prepared 500+ test cases and test data strategically to adhere to all functionalities.
  • The complete or partially developed application has undergone unit testing and is ready for testing.


The team ascertained that the bugs have been fixed and no further issues are introduced due to these changes.

The client’s modules behaved accurately when integrated with other modules.

The critical functionalities of the system performed well. This was essential to identify all blockers and show stoppers in the application's workflow.

System reliability and security significantly improved, providing firm protection against vulnerabilities.

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7 different types of tests were performed : unit, sanity, smoke, regression, integration, usability and ad-hoc testing.
More than 500+ customised test cases were written to check all modules.
The biggest challenge faced was the instability of the web portal and mobile app, which the Frugal Testing team gradually overcame.

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