Framework Automation to Test POS Application Scalability




Automation Testing

Client Overview

The client is India's first self-ordering and self-checkout platform with an industry leading cloud-based, mobile POS system that substantially improves the billing and checkout process.

Problem Statement

  • The client required an automated framework that would deploy a scheduled run of 50 concurrent users, each performing 100 transactions on the server.
  • Their concern was to monitor the real-time user experience to ensure the smooth functioning of the application under peak load. The client also expected a consolidated analysis report of all 50 concurrent users.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Held conference calls with the client to understand the features and services offered by the application. Thus, identifying the key requirements of the project.
  • Configured the Selenium Grid for Windows and developed Selenium scripts for automating the complete functionality of the application.
  • Successfully handled all the exceptions and errors generated as part of the process.
  • Developed a batch code to automate communication between the hub and the nodes. Also, compared 50 users run with 2 users run in terms of processing time for different functions.
  • Generated a consolidated Extent Report of all 50 concurrent users.


The client got to know the behavior of the application under load and the fixes needed for the application to withstand the load.

The GUI-based Load testing provided insight into the problems with the front end during real-time user interaction.

Procured visual logs and error screenshots for enhanced understanding of the scope of errors and deep dive analysis.

Numerous functional defects and issues that were affecting the application’s performance were detected and brought to the client’s notice.

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Test runs for 50 concurrent users.
Processing time comparison of 50 user runs with 2 user runs.
Parallel execution in multiple instances.

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