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AI/ML Testing

Client Overview

A platform that provides fast and reliable 2D and 3D X-ray dental analysis as well as smart treatment recommendation. Contains a vibrant community of users—dentists, DSOs, radiologists, researchers, and partners who want to streamline their work, grow their practices, and provide better outcomes for patients.

Problem Statement

  • The client approached us to reduce the manual regression effort as it is time and resource-consuming.
  • The client wanted an automation suite for regression testing to ensure that new code modifications do not significantly affect the functionality of the application.
  • The client required end-to-end coverage in order to execute the accessibility of different user interface.
  • The Client needed to accelerate time-to-value and preserve high quality at the same time.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Developed a deep understanding of the features and services offered by the client’s web application and worked closely with the client in resolving doubts.
  • Our POM testing, supported each test scenario to automatically re-run with varying inputs.
  • Built CI/CD Pipeline on Jenkins to run automation suite for allure report generation.
  • Maintained the market standards of minimum Passing Threshold >=80%, Accepted Coverage Percentage >=80%
  • Our team delivered regression automation suite that verifies any modifications that have been done to not impact the core functions which are already tested and proven.


All modules were automated for positive and negative test scenarios and passed successfully achieving their product quality goals.

Despite the tight time frames, the client received a smoothly operating and thoroughly tested solution.

The client was provided high-scale test executions that enabled rapid regression testing across various browsers and development environments.

Built a website to view daily generated allure reports of automation suite. This made easy access to client as well as testing team to understand and debug the failed test cases.

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Client was able to understand the development flaws which in return helped them to enhance their product.
Our team delivered complete automation testing benefits with our systematic approach and extensive use of automation tools including Intellij,TestNg, Selenium, Maven, Java, Git,etc.

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