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Infrastructure Testing

Client Overview

World’s first cloud-based credit repair software with users in over 3000 cities. All in one business solution to launch, manage and grow a successful business of recurring revenue.

Problem Statement

  • Mimicking production behavior of the client application and controlling DB connections in a particular frame of time. 
  • Controlling and monitoring the overall web application, including CPU utilization and memory usage.
  • Execution of the read and write operations of the client application. 

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Real life scripting method employed with the inclusion of ‘think-time’.
  • Generated script that helped control throughput of the web application.
  • Handling of Cron Job API’s.


HTML data was inserted into tables to configure the settings for the App server and RDS parameters, optimizing the infrastructure.

Capacity of the website was benchmarked to determine bottleneck.

CloudWatch helped the team monitor 'DB' connections and 'Read and write' operations during the test, making the web application user-friendly.

After completing the testing, the client enjoyed a more reliable system which contained fewer disruptions and quicker responses.

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A large number of APIs were identified as time-consuming, with the highest throughput, mainly because they were called multiple times throughout the application.
APM and infrastructure were analyzed to identify the cause of poor performance under user load.

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