Resolving Performance & User Experience Struggles of an AR/VR application




AR/VR Testing

Client Overview

A startup specializing in social interaction applications, developed an AR/VR-based platform for users to connect and interact in virtual spaces.

Problem Statement

  • In response to user feedback analysis, it has been identified that certain elements of the application's user experience require improvement to achieve optimal engagement.
  • The feedback emphasizes the need for an enhanced and lifelike interaction experience. Therefore, the client requests thorough testing to ensure that the application meets these expectations.
  • The testing should focus on validating the implementation of realistic gestures, responsiveness in interactions and overall improvements in the user experience to guarantee a more immersive and engaging software environment.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Collaborated closely with the startup to provide invaluable insights to the development team. This collaboration led to design refinements focused on enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Our testing efforts resulted in more responsive interactions within the application, creating a more engaging and immersive social experience for users.
  • Implemented a user-friendly headset calibration process, simplifying the setup and ensuring optimal user experience.


The quality of the product after testing resulted in a more engaging and immersive social experience within the application. Users now enjoy seamless interactions in virtual spaces.

Our comprehensive approach not only addressed existing user feedback but also positioned the startup's platform as a benchmark for user-friendly and engaging virtual environments.

Through testing, the latency in real-time virtual interactions was significantly decreased, leading to a more natural and responsive user experience.

Testing enabled the development of more personalized and customizable virtual environments and avatars, resulting in a 35% increase in user satisfaction.

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Implemented a seamless calibration process using tools like Unity Test Framework and SteamVR, simplifying the setup and ensuring an optimal user experience.
Our testing uncovered valuable insights that informed design refinements, focusing on enhancing the overall user experience and addressing specific feedback from the application's user base.

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