Redefined Architectural Compatibility and IoT functionality of a 3D Vision system




IoT Testing

Client Overview

The company utilizes patented optics and advanced visual imaging software to create cutting-edge omnidirectional 3D vision systems, effectively solving complex visual challenges and providing impactful solutions. The company's software simplifies camera parameter control and offers a user-friendly interface for editing functions.

Problem Statement

  • The client requested comprehensive functional testing of their tool stacks including Explorer, ROS and code samples. The testing team's role was to develop detailed test cases which thoroughly assess the functionality and performance across these tools.
  • To guarantee smooth interoperability among 4 vision product types, the client wanted to confirm software compatibility and functionality across different architectures. This included Nvidia's nx nano and AGX boards running various Jetpack versions.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • To validate compatibility, test environments were established utilizing Nvidia's nx nano and AGX boards, each operating distinct versions of Jetpack. The software was executed on these architectures and thorough compatibility testing was conducted to ensure seamless functioning, devoid of any errors or compatibility issues.
  • Thorough functional testing was carried out on various hardware configurations, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all critical features and interactions tailored to the specific architectures. The testing process involved the creation of a comprehensive set of 978 test cases, which meticulously addressed 18 critical modules within the system.
  • To ensure accurate people tracking, GPIO(General Purpose Input/Output) testing was conducted on different Avermedia boards to verify the functionality of the people tracking API.


Several major and unexpected issues were identified, which helped the client to optimize & focus on the working of the main features of the application.

Compatibility testing on diverse hardware configurations provided the client with the assurance that their software functions seamlessly across various platforms and architectures. This approach helped to eliminate compatibility issues and enhanced the overall user experience.

In regards to the architecture, explorer and code samples, critical flaws were identified that had the potential to affect user experience.

Total test cases for various version were 1,039.

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In just one day, we acquired a detailed understanding of GPIO and conducted thorough testing.
In a span of one month, we successfully tested a total of 18 modules, executing a comprehensive set of 978 test cases.

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