2XX Response Codes

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Response Codes

What is a 2xx Response Code?

The 2xx status code indicates that your request was successful. Whenever you encounter this error, it means that the server has received your request, understood it, accepted it, and processed it. They basically indicate that the communication is successful and the web server can process the request received from the client browser. Below is a list of 2xx HTTP status codes.

  1. 200 – OK
  2. 201 – Created
  3. 202 – Accepted
  4. 203 – Non-authoritative information
  5. 204 – No content
  6. 205 – Reset content
  7. 206 – Partial content

What do 2xx response codes look like?

2xx codes indicate successful responses. Usually, this means the action requested by the client was received, understood, and accepted successfully. A 200 status code may appear online like this:

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Guide to 2xx Response Codes -

Some of the most common HTTP 2xx response codes are listed below:

Unofficial Codes


The web server returns 2xx server status codes, indicating the status of the request. Website owners use these codes for troubleshooting purposes to understand the status of the HTTP transaction. 200 is the most popular status code that indicates OK status, meaning that the request has been accepted, understood, and processed by the server.


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