Validation vs Verification Differences

February 15, 2024
5 min read
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In the realm of testing, the contrasts among Verification and Validation can cause perplexity. While Verify and Validate are utilized conversely, and the difference may appear to be insignificant, the two fulfill extremely separate purposes.

Imagine being asked to perform verification on a specific project however hold off on the validation. The first question that will pop in your head would be, how are these two terms different? When might you begin, and what might that work resemble?

In case you find the distinction between the two terms confusing- don't worry you are not the only one, most of the testing professionals are also caught up in the confusion. So, whether you are completely boggled or are just getting the hang of intricacies of the terms, we will make things clearer and simpler for you.

What is Verification?

"Testing a framework to demonstrate that it meets all its predefined necessities at a specific phase of its improvement."

The last expression of the definition, "at a specific phase of its advancement" is the key piece of confirmation. Before the coding starts for any application, a lot of details will have been delineated. The Verification of development alludes to checking application that is still being created to guarantee that it sticks to these specifications. These checks could be something as easy as reading the details and contrasting them against the code rationale to ensure they line up. The verification procedure will incorporate exercises like code reviews, walkthroughs, inspection but nothing related to any actual testing.

Consider somebody heading to a far off location, using directions. Those directions would be continuously checked and looked at against the different landmarks along the course. For instance, head west until you cross the stream, turn north at the store, etc.

With guidelines like this, the driver is verifying the course against the directions that were given.

What is Validation?

"An activity that guarantees that a final result matches actual needs and expectations are met."

Though verification happens while the item is still being worked on, validation is performed upon the completion of a given module, or even the completion of the whole application. Approval centers around guaranteeing that the partner gets the item they needed.

The Validation effort couldn't care less how you arrived, just that you have arrived, and that everything is as expected. Returning to our case of the driver: if your destination was the beach, to validate your arrival, you may pose a few inquiries:

  • Can I feel sand underfoot?
  • Can I see the ocean and waves?
  • Does this location meet my expectations of a beach?

These type of validation tests ensures only that your current location meets your expected criteria.

validation vs verification pie chart

Why do I need to do both?

It is important to both verify and validate your product. Because you perform one doesn't imply that the other can be overlooked. For instance, I can verify that all tests have passed and that in fact the product is constructed accurately. However, that does not disclose to me that I have really created something usable and important for the customer. In other words, what has been verified is not validated.

Does the vocabulary truly matter? Probably, individuals are as yet going to utilize the words interchangeably. However, at this point, you know the distinction.

Rupesh Garg
CEO and Chief Architect
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