An Event Scheduling Application utilizes Performance Testing to debug server errors




Mobile Testing

Client Overview

A user-friendly calendar and event scheduling app, featuring comprehensive functionality. It enables users to create, manage and send meeting invites based on phone numbers as well as organize their daily schedules.

Problem Statement

  • The client wanted to optimize the performance of Android and iOS applications with 200 concurrent users.
  • The scope of the engagement was to measure end-to-end response time for the web application and also to look at the performance optimization on the server side. 
  • Allocation of proper resources required to improve utilization of CPU and memory.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Preparing and running two different scripts for admin and user.
  • Writing our own custom code to handle encryption/decryption of AES-256.
  • Automated user registering for 200 different users.
  • Using multithreading to handle admin and user flow synchronously.
  • Performing multiple dry runs and validating all the transactions in MySQL DB.


In-depth evaluations and strategic suggestions have contributed to enhancing the system's overall efficiency and capacity for growth.

Pinpointing the fundamental reasons behind server errors, leading to improvements in user experience and API efficiency.

Enhancing the efficiency of various APIs by consistently analyzing and optimizing server performance.

Provision of a consolidated report containing all server analyses, along with recommendations.

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Taken a step-by-step approach to identify the main issue slowing down the application.
Inserted assertions to validate the response data in both admin and user script.
Randomized the transaction and tried to replicate actual user behaviour.
Performance script handled dynamic encrypted data.

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