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Automation Testing

Client Overview

Checkpoint intends to have the Halo Portal as “the singular destination for Checkpoint Retail customers” and a key initiative in the digital delivery of Checkpoint products and services.

Problem Statement

  • To verify business-critical issues that would have rendered the system unviable before going live.
  • The mobile application should work seamlessly along with all its functionalities.
  • Any data that is updated in the scenario should be reflected in all of the columns where it is required and verified from the database.
  • Need to automate the flow task by task.
  • Need to test the application and its stability.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Done UI automation, Server automation, and database validation.
  • Develop the reports for a better analysis of the data.
  • Provide the Gradle build instead of a typical Java jar-based project for updating the code in the future.
  • Provided the client with an automation testing script, eliminating the need for manual intervention every time a new feature is added.
  • Comprehensive error analysis along with reports and documentation was provided, on each module that was tested.


The wider range of devices available in the Frugal inventory helped the client in efficient reviewing and understanding of the behavior of the application.

Reduced cost of operating multiple platforms

A single click of the customer helps upsell additional Checkpoint services by using our scripts

To detect and remove all the bugs before releasing that feature.

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Make it easy for field services people to quickly and effectively do the predefined work.
Make it easy for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance of the Halo platform.
The focus is to make it easy, intuitive, and effortless for clients to automate the Halo platform.

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