Performance testing safeguards leading JEE/NEET educator platform after crash




Performance Testing

Client Overview

The client is a renowned live course provider for key competitions like JEE, NEET, etc. With 6.5 million+ subscribers on YouTube and ever-growing results, the client has gained a major foothold amongst industry leaders.

Problem Statement

  • The client wanted to load test the website with 20,000 concurrent users.
  • A Comprehensive Live course taking environment was Load-tested.
  • The performance of the application over a huge load of unique users was monitored. 
  • The client required a detailed analysis of the website response to a huge number of concurrent users.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Followed an iterative approach to run the load test first for 100 users, then 1000 and subsequently 20,000 users.
  • Implemented a distributed testing framework to run a huge Load Test.
  • Identified APIs with huge response time and max failure rate.
  • Monitored CPU usage, and memory usage throughout the test duration.
  • Ran 4 iterations of The Load test for 20,000 users to identify errors.


Extensive analysis and recommendations helped improve overall performance and scalability.

Servers were stable and available/responded properly for consecutive hours of load testing up to 20,000 concurrent virtual users.

Response time for a smaller number of users grew sharply for a higher number of users.

Recommended the flow to reduce error from 60% to 2% over 4 load test iterations.

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Recorded and designed an efficient script to run the test within a day.
Implemented Distributed Testing framework.
A total of 23 APIs to be tested under the load test environment for the given scenario within a sharp deadline.

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