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IoT Testing

Client Overview

An innovative water intelligence application, designed to provide businesses with an objective assessment of water risks. It enables effective management of water footprint through features such as groundwater extraction monitoring, water auditing, smart irrigation and domestic water usage tracking. The application aims to enhance sustainability practices in water resource utilization.

Problem Statement

  • The customer had physical devices fitted with sensors that captured water flow data. To effectively handle this data, they needed a comprehensive system capable of collecting, transmitting, storing and analyzing telemetry information.
  • The customer's objective was to monitor water flow patterns and detect any potential anomalies or opportunities for optimization.

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Firmware Initialization Testing : Validated the firmware's ability to initialize and establish communication with servers or data gateways upon power-on or reset. Test for any potential issues in the initialization process.
  • Data Transmission Testing : Conducted testing to ensure seamless transmission of data from devices to the server. Test the functionality of communication protocols such as HTTP, MQTT or custom protocols, checking for data integrity and reliability.
  • Update Frequency Testing : Verified that the system provides up-to-date information by testing regular data transmission intervals. Ensure the system adheres to the specified time frequency for data updates, whether occurring every minute or at other specified intervals.
  • Python Script for Data Retrieval : Provided a Python script that facilitates easy data retrieval from the PostgreSQL database. It establishes a connection, executes queries using libraries or frameworks like psycopg2 or SQLAlchemy and supports data formatting, visualization and further analysis on a user interface (UI).


Real-Time monitoring: The customer gained the ability to monitor water flow data in real-time, enabling timely decision-making and response.

Anomaly detection: The implemented solution allowed the customer to identify abnormal water flow patterns, enabling prompt intervention and problem resolution.

Optimization opportunities: By analyzing the collected data, the customer could identify areas for improvement in water usage, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Increased efficiency and cost savings in water management after the testing process was initiated.

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Seamless data transmission using communication protocols (HTTP, MQTT, etc.)
Utilization of sensors and microcontrollers for data acquisition.
Telemetry data storage in the PostgreSQL database.
Firmware initialization and communication with server or data gateway.

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