Performance testing improves the user viewing experience of a leading cloud OTT platform




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Client Overview

A leading company in cloud transformations of OTT and in-home experiences for Pay-TV, Telcos, and MVPDs. The enterprise boasts a cloud-native platform that outperforms legacy online video platforms.

Problem Statement

  • To Validate all identified test scenarios and to measure the transaction response time, CPU & Servers performance.
  • To determine the Server’s performance in production and identify the key performance issue.
  • To execute Baseline and Load testing.
  • To monitor the system’s performance behavior, analyze the bottlenecks and provide recommendations to fine-tune Online Application (CASA).

Tech Stack

Solution Approach

  • Prepared a detailed application scope for each module after completing a detailed walkthrough of the application.
  • To simulate a real-time scenario, throughput percentages were introduced using throughput controllers in each module.
  • Performed vertical scaling of the service to achieve optimal response time and throughput for each individual service
  • Configured horizontal scaling in Kubernetes based on the results of vertical scaling tests and verified the creation of replicas.


Extensive analysis and recommendations helped improve overall performance and scalability.

The servers were stable and available, responding properly during consecutive hours of load testing with up to 100 concurrent virtual users.

During 250 concurrent users load/stress tests, the application layer prompted 503 errors.

Improved the high response time in a few APIs by continuous server analysis.

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Grouped the KPIs on the basis of their severity so that major issues can be looked at first.
Measured the Key Performance Indicators(KPI) and provided recommendations based on their performance.

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